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Guidance for helping children cope with grief and trauma — from serious family illness to school violence or the death of a parent. A story about learning to deal with the loss of a pet for children ages A touching story about the loss of a mother and growing up without her. The loss of a loved one is tragic, but with hope, healing and love comes an understanding of how a life is truly infinite as well. Story to help children begin to understand the profoundly lifechanging event of losing a parent. Meaningful activities for bereaved children to help them think about and express their feelings.

Includes photo story, ready-to-design greeting cards, memory pages, games, activities and more. A gentle, thorough book for teens that looks at ways of facing grief, how grief affects us and what we can do.

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Speaks to teens in a language they will understand. Story of a young girl and her dying grandfather that sensitively explores death from a Jewish perspective. Information on teen grief and personal stories about loss; provides guidance for teens and the people involved in helping them with their grief. Offers ideas to help teens heal in a simple, easy-to-use format. Provides parents with assistance they need to help a teen grieve; with stories, techniques and resources to survive and thrive after a painful loss.

Help for couples who often have very different paths in the grief process. A guide for teens to help them understand their grief, deal with their emotions and find constructive ways to manage their loss. A simple, easy-to-use format to help grandparents heal. A simple, easy-to-use format to help grieving parents.

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Creative ideas to help adults begin the healing process. Practical ideas to help those whose life has been touched by a military death. Compassionate guide offering ideas to help those grieving a miscarriage or any form of earlypregnancy loss. Facing the first year of loss while learning to walk alongside your surviving parent. A personal message to parents who have experienced the death of a child during pregnancy.

Few people understand the true depths of grief following miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death.

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Compassionate resource for lesbian and gay individuals and their families who have lost a loved one examines healthy attitudes, grieving and moving forward. Parents who have lost a son or daughter in battle share stories of coping, courage and faith. A two-part exploration of male grief, with tips to help men find their path through grief.

Provides insights, strategies and support for survivors affected by a suicide. Grief Library Holidays and Special Events. Wolfelt, Ph.

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Clarence Tucker Easy-to-read booklet to help grievers manage their grief during the holidays and on other special occasions. Thoughts for the Holidays: Finding Permission to Grieve By Doug Manning Shares special ways to cope, remember and survive the hurdles that the holiday season can present. Bereavement Counseling in the School Setting By Luciano Sabatini Guidance for school-based professionals on how to assist bereaved students through grief and best practices for a school grieving the death of a student.

Schonfeld and Marcia Quackenbush Practical guidebook for teachers in providing sensitive support to students of all ages. Smith Provides guidance in developing the capacity and the process for helping others; written especially for those committed to youth work, community education, ministry and counseling. Healing Grief By Victor M. Parachin Dispels common myths about grief and offers practical advice, encouragement and real-life examples to help the bereaved understand and cope with grief. Angel Birthdays: A Day to Remember.

A New Way to Heal. A Celebration of Life. By Erin Garay Encourages children and adults to incorporate activities that help begin the healing process. They may not know what it is they are feeling or have the words to say how they feel.

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They may show their feelings in their behaviour and play. Children feel grief and loss from a young age. They need your help to deal with their feelings. Children now understand that death is permanent. They can also understand why death happens eg because of illness, accident or old age. They can talk about their feelings better although they might not always do so. They are less likely to blame themselves for what has happened but they might blame others eg blame one parent for a divorce. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and might have strong views about what has happened.

Addressing Grief: Tips for Teachers and Administrators

They may be interested in life after death and ask questions about it. They may still want to know all the facts about what happens to the body or details of an accident.

The Grieving Process: Coping with Death

Teenagers grieve in much the same way as adults. They can become withdrawn, depressed and moody. They may want to spend more time with friends than family, but they still need to know you are there to talk to if needed. Young people often show their sadness through angry behaviours that cover up their underlying feelings. Some may turn to drugs or alcohol, drive too fast or do other dangerous things. These young people need lots of support. Others just need to do active and noisy things eg go for a run, dance to loud music or play sport with friends. Some may find comfort in art, music, writing poetry, walking alone or being in a quiet place to deal with their grief.

Each child experiences loss differently.

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They can grieve in bursts and seem OK one moment and not the next. They may not really know what they feel. Their grief can lead to more demanding behaviour as they try to get closeness, care, information or reassurance from you.

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Each child experiences grief and loss differently. It is important to work out what will best help each child. It is important to look after yourself too. Talking with a friend and sharing your feelings can really help. Seek professional help if you need it.