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Between the cracks

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His duties require him to manage two email accounts, which he prioritizes based on email volume. The other address, I only check on my laptop. Beyond one or two email addresses, switching accounts can become unwieldy. Having all your email accounts in one place can help you seamlessly and quickly review each account, reply to emails, and manage, archive, and delete. Email accounts in one place can be more effective and efficient for you and your entire team. Fernando, who did not want to give his last name, is among a growing subset of the migrant population here — those who have lived in Greece, Italy, Portugal or Spain — but have ventured on as life in those countries became increasingly difficult.

Arriving in Norway, many find that their prospects are not much better. Without knowing the language and without official residency, and the national identification number that goes along with it, finding a job is extremely difficult. Also among those at the shelter are people fleeing conflict or persecution and who may claim asylum.

Many others have legal residency in one of the 26 European countries that are part of the Schengen Convention, which means they can enter and stay in Norway legally but their access to public services and the job market is restricted. Such is the paradox for many who come to Norway, a country known for having a generous posture towards both international humanitarian and human rights issues and the social welfare of its citizens. But if you are not part of the welfare system because you are an undocumented migrant, the landscape is very different.

The strong economy, meanwhile, fuelled by revenues from national petroleum reserves, has afforded Norwegians a high standard of life. But it also contributes to high prices for basic goods. Many migrants, therefore, find themselves living in a parallel world: sleeping in the streets or on trams, trains, buses and ferries, or staying in an overnight shelter as they look for work or a place to live. Over the last decade, as migration has increased, the Norwegian Red Cross has increasingly offered services for vulnerable people falling through the cracks of an otherwise affluent society.

Along with a well-known local charity, the Church City Mission, the National Society has opened two overnight shelters in Oslo, one for men and another bed shelter for women, and it offers a wide range of programmes to help migrants and refugees cope. In , for example, it opened a health clinic specifically for migrants and asylum seekers. Today, that clinic is a multi-disciplinary health centre run with help from volunteers, including medical doctors, nurses, specialists, psychologists, physical therapists, biological technicians, social workers, interpreters and greeters who welcome people in the waiting room.

The Norwegian health system offers medical services to undocumented migrant children and to adults for urgent problems that are deemed acute. Further, many undocumented migrants are afraid to go to the hospital for fear of being detected. These are the difficult things we are facing. Because of the stresses many migrants and asylum seekers face, the Red Cross health centre seeks to offer refugees a welcoming environment and it assures clients strict confidentiality.

On cold nights, the number of people waiting outside the Norwegian Red Cross overnight shelter for migrants sometimes exceeds the number of beds available. Here a volunteer speaks with a woman waiting to enter. Photo: Benjamin A. Making people such as Yeshi feel comfortable is important, says Merethe Taksdal, a nurse who helped found the centre and who volunteers there at least once a month.

Many of the ailments she sees among clients are stress related, she says. They are worried.

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For these young Afghan and Iraqi boys, for example, there are so many expectations from home and they themselves had such high hopes — that they would come here learn something, gain a skill, be a resource for family. I enjoyed the complexity of the plot as it kept me on my toes and helped shaped the backstories which will inevitably come into further play in future novels of this series.

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The elements of mystery and police procedural gave it a fantastic atmosphere and added to the suspense. Who do you trust… Styles and Porter were a fantastic creation — each very different in personality but the banter has them bouncing of each other in a narrative that was engrossing, humorous and very real! This book was full of characters — and you really had to pay attention to them all because despite there being so many, each played a roll in driving the story forward. Well done, Mr Scragg! I felt the pace was perfect, slowing down at times to build up the necessary suspense and then speeding up, causing me to race through the pages!

Would I recommend this book? Well hells bells, you bet I would! Congratulations, Robert Scragg — you have a new fan! Let the AuthorStalking commence! Apr 19, Gillian rated it really liked it. The maintenance man had had a complaint about water leaking from a flat and was checking it out. When he got there no one was around the flat had a strange feel to it everything was stuck in the 80s. Looking around to find the cause of the leak leads him to the freezer upon opening it he discovers a severed hand which was grey.

Detectives Porter and Styles are the investigators when they start asking around the neighbours no one remembers seeing anyone either living or visiting the flat.

Between the Cracks (Clipped Wings, #) by Helena Hunting

The owner The maintenance man had had a complaint about water leaking from a flat and was checking it out. They have to find out who the severed hand belongs to if it is Natasha then is she still alive? Can she be alive after losing her hand? They set out to check into her background and when they do they discover her father had killed himself there was a step mother and brother. The stepmother had remarried and her new husband owned a big haulier business when the detectives look into that they discover that things may not be as they should be.

It looks like more than goods were being transported. There is so much going on it was difficult at times to keep up the banter between the detectives I felt went a bit too far for me? I found myself shaking my head at some of the references and yeah in real life it may have worked but reading it I felt was just a bit too much. However I did enjoy the book and would recommend it 4 stars from me. Why hasn't anyone been looking for her before, why hasn't her family reported her missing? As Jake and Nick delve into the case, they realise that this dark family history has more than meet What Falls between the Crack is Robert Scraggs debut novel which comes out 19th April As Jake and Nick delve into the case, they realise that this dark family history has more than meets the eye.

They have to deal with local heavies scaring off witness, and internal politics stopping them investigating certain leads. This won't stop them solving this case, but will the answers they find see the light of day? What Falls between the Crack is a book full of twist, turns and a very clever story.

I loved the dynamic between Jake and Nick, they have a great working relationship as well as friendship. The plot is brilliantly written and the way in which the book started and ended in a way that I didn't expect. The book is a bit like cat and mouse we know who are the bad guys, but its all about building the case to prove it and the bad guys trying not to get caught. Although I was taken aback by some bad guys I did not expect to be a bad guys. The story is interesting and slightly sad in the fact that no one reports Natasha missing for over 30 years.

I would hate for no one to miss me. I give this book 4 out of 5. Thank you to Allison and Busby for sending me this book for a honest and fair review. Dec 11, Becky rated it it was ok.

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This started out as a promising mystery, but it just kind of fell apart eventually. It was easy to foresee the role of each character, with only one aspect being a mild surprise. This was one of those books that took forever to finish, but since I spent the time getting most of the way through, why not finish it? Jun 26, Dee Groocock rated it it was amazing. This is a fantastic debut novel from Robert Scragg. A police procedural book with plenty of crime and violence.

This book deals with a missing person, violent criminals and rather shady police! There are a lot of loose ends as you read the book, but the majority are tied up by the end of the story. This book has been a great read and I would highly recommend it. Feb 07, Niki Mackay rated it it was amazing.

I loved this book. It's a real page-turner with compelling, engaging characters, and an intricate, clever plot. I cannot wait to read more Porter! Apr 03, Mik Brown rated it it was amazing. Detective Jake Porter, and his partner, Nick Styles, find a severed hand in an abandoned flat. Porter, who's still struggling to cope with the loss of his wife, is up against allegations of police corruption, and a criminal who's hidden in plain sight for decades, as he digs through thirty years of lies.

A hidden family history begins to surface, but there are those who would rather the past stayed buried. There is always an air of anticipation when I pick up a debut novel. Competition is fierce in the Crime genre with so many outstanding authors around it can be tough to break through but I think we have someone that could soon be up there with the best of them.

I recently saw a quote on social media from another author saying this will be a contender for crime fiction debut of the year, so picked it up with high expectations, and pleased to say that it has my vote. Porter and Styles spark off each other in a way that drives the narrative forward at just the right speed, drawing you in as a member of their team, right in the thick of a complex investigation.

Great plotting weaves in elements of organised crime, police corruption and family tragedy, shuttling between present day London, and the city of thirty years ago. Some great snappy dialogue throughout, and put me in mind at times of the T. All in all, this has the makings of a great series. Looking forward to seeing what Robert Scragg serves up next. Mar 28, Melanie Lewis rated it liked it. I was very much looking forward to reading this book, as it's set in the area where I live.

Now, I'm not saying this is the fault of the author, it's probably more down to the fact I'm not very bright, but I was so confused. There were so many people, I just couldn't keep track of who was who, who was related to whom, who were people or just the names of firms. I got myself in a right old pickle. I think the concept of the book was good, after all, who doesn't love a corrupt police officer? I si I was very much looking forward to reading this book, as it's set in the area where I live.

I simply could not get a handle of the who's, which impacted on my enjoyment of the why's and the how's. Too many characters introduced much too quickly for me. Apr 09, Susan Schuurmans rated it really liked it. Oh, how I enjoy a solid police procedural! I fell in love a little with Detective Jake Porter and am really looking forward to the next in the series.

The plot of this debut mystery is complex and the first bit was a little slow but then the story caught me and I was hooked reading to the end in one session! The policing of Porter and his partner Styles felt real, the corruption believable and the descriptions of London beautifully described. Apr 05, Alison rated it really liked it. They are investigating a complex mystery, which starts with the case of a woman missing for over thirty years, and becomes mixed up with drug dealing, dodgy business practices and police office politics. It's a very interesting read, very well-written and I'm looking forward to seeing more books in the series.

Apr 02, Kate Bromwich rated it really liked it. May 28, Timothy Dobbin rated it really liked it. Excellent first book, with lots of loose ends for the next one! Jan 02, Erix rated it it was ok. This book, with a very promising start, progressed gradually into an overly messy story told from way too many perspectives, and end at a quite distasteful place. I'm always interested when a new investigative duo make an appearance and Detective Inspector Jake Porter and Detective Sergeant Nick Styles have certainly got off to a promising start in this first book in a new crime series.

Picking up the missing pieces of a thirty year old crime is always going to be fraught with difficulty and Porter and Styles certainly have their work cut out in trying to bring those responsible to justice. The mystery at the heart of the novel is well done and the comple I'm always interested when a new investigative duo make an appearance and Detective Inspector Jake Porter and Detective Sergeant Nick Styles have certainly got off to a promising start in this first book in a new crime series.

The mystery at the heart of the novel is well done and the complex chains which bind the whole thing together succeed with a clever edginess which kept my attention throughout the story. The twists and turns kept me guessing and I enjoyed trying to work out just where the complicated plot was heading. As with any new series there is a certain amount of getting to know the characters and this is done with a realistic edge. I especially enjoyed the insight into the detective's lives, particularly that of Jake Porter who seems to have had more than his share of heartache.

The two detectives work well together as a team, and I enjoyed reading their lively banter and the way they each have the other's back is testament to the strength of their working relationship. The other characters who make their appearance in this gritty crime story add an interesting balance of light and shade, the villains and the good guys mix together with comparative ease.

The final few chapters are quite lively with lots going on and I enjoyed watching all the loose strands finally coming together in a dramatic showdown. What Falls Between The Cracks is a very good debut novel, and gets the series off to a really promising start.

I'm already looking forward to reading book two in the series by this talented new crime author. Apr 04, Kath rated it really liked it. Well, this book started off really well. It also finished really well. But for me, it did lose its way a little in the middle. There are also a lot of characters that did take me a while to get to grips with. Possibly too many if I have to be honest as it meant that I had to really concentrate to remember who was who etc.

Ok, so, we start with a maintenance man being called to address a leak in a flat. On further inspection, he finds something really rather gruesome in the freezer; a severed han Well, this book started off really well. On further inspection, he finds something really rather gruesome in the freezer; a severed hand. Enter detectives Nick Styles and Jake Porter, two refreshingly ordinarily named cops, to investigate. On looking round the flat it is obvious that no one had lived there in quite a while.

Following the leads, they identify that the previous owner of the limb is the registered owner of the flat, one Natasha Barclay, who bizarrely hasn't been reported missing. And so begins a very convoluted game of cat and mouse fuelled by all the usual secrets, lies and duplicitous behaviour you'd expect in a book of this genre, throwing in a bit of corruption along the way. Can Porter and Styles cut through the noise and work out what the heck is going on as they soon discover they have only uncovered the tip of a rather big and nasty iceberg.