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These scenes are filled with dread and anticipation, as the heroine is minutes away from the 7-day deadline and so, it's a race against her own death. When they do find the body, the movies release the tension as though the whole plot had been a "give the ghost a proper burial and give her peace. Cue the heroine returning home, having defeated the curse Toward the end of The Lost World: Jurassic Park the main characters have escaped the raptors, they're on the helicopter, and all seems right with the world. Oh wait, we have a half hour left?

Time for the T-rex to romp through the city. Happens in The Dark Knight - it looks like Dent is being set up for a Sequel Hook , then the other third of the movie happens. Or, arguably, even earlier. Joker's in the MCU and Batman can rest easy In Clash of the Titans , Perseus frees the city of Joppa from its curse fairly early in the film, and the good guys throw a big party — only for a much worse crisis to then present itself before they're even through celebrating.

In The Fellowship of the Ring , Frodo and Sam initially think their journey is over after they get the Ring to Rivendell for safekeeping at around halfway through the movie. Unfortunately, Elrond realizes that they cannot keep it there, and Frodo accepts the task of destroying it. There is another moment around this time, after the council of Elrond, when the Fellowship is formed. The nine stand in a pretty line, Elrond pronounces "you shall be the Fellowship Then find out there's another hour and a half to go.

And, in some cases, hadn't realised that even then there were two more films before ring meets lava. Also, Sam thinks his journey is over when the fellowship reaches Redhorn Mountain, which he confuses with Mount Doom. Not that it isn't a mountain of doom by itself. In the book you would think everything is done once the Ring is destroyed, but then we have the Scouring of the Shire, which was left out of the movie for both this reason and lack of time.

Happened in Spy Game. Robert Redford thinks he's successfully plotted to rescue Brad Pitt, starts walking out of the building, hands his tag to the security guard, jubilant music plays You think the movie is about catching the serial killer, do you? Well, he gives himself up when there's half an hour of movie left. In The Haunting in Connecticut , after Reverend Popescu finds Jonah's remains and removes them from the house, he assures the Campbells that the house should now be safe, and drives away.

As it turns out, this only makes things worse— Jonah wasn't a malevolent spirit, but was trying to protect the family from the real evil force in the house, the angry ghosts of the people Aickman desecrated with his necromancy.

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Casino Royale featured a lovely ending: Le Chiffre has lost and died and James Bond gets The Chick he's been eyeing for the entire movie. They kiss and begin a romance, with Bond deciding to quit MI Everything is hunky-dory In Doomsday , the protagonist has dealt with both Sol and Kane, and is on her way to the border with the MacGuffin. Sol shows up for round 2. The film could easily have been split in two, which might have been for the better. Letters to Juliet : Sophie's boss wonders this about her article.

Air Force One has been secured, the surviving hostages freed, the hijackers killed, and the evil general has been stopped from getting out of prison. Of course, they are still in the middle of hostile airspace, with enemy MiGs now closing in with the failure of the hijacking plot, and Halo Flight's Fs still haven't had the chance to do anything really cool. Oh, and the traitor still hasn't been caught. Occurs in Dark Star , where the self-destruct has seemingly been aborted. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World does this multiple times.

Scott has an extra life, though, so he comes back and defeats the Big Bad again, who turns out to be Not Quite Dead again, but this time Scott is prepared and defeats him once and for all. Then it turns out Scott has to defeat his evil alter ego, Nega-Scott, but this "battle" takes place off-screen rather than becoming Ending Fatigue. Convinced that the Bad Future was just a figment of his imagination, he books a flight to the tropics with Kathryn. But before he can board the plane he receives another message from the future: The End of the World as We Know It is at hand and he can still stop it.

Speed did this multiple times. First it appears that the Big Bad will be caught when they figured out who he is. It turns out it was a trap. Then later they managed to get all the passengers out of the bus safely without the villain knowing and sets a trap to capture him. But he caught on and the movie still goes on. Then the villain is finally killed. Yet there's still a couple more minutes of movie time left. In Zardoz , the scene where Zed reveals how he learned Zardoz was actually The Wi Zard of Oz makes you think the movie's wrapping up when, in fact, there's still almost an hour to go.

Mortal Kombat which set up a sordid sequel. Everyone is about to leave the island and head home when the Emperor, Shao Khan , appears and announces his plans to invade anyway. Raiden says "I don't think so," and everyone enters an Ass-Kicking Pose as the credits roll.

American Dreamer has a fake out ending, where it turns out Cathy's antics under Easy Amnesia got her into trouble with drug lords. Ripley rescues Newt from the Hive, they escape the planet along with Hicks and Bishop just before the fusion reactor explodes, and all seems well. Then it turns out that the Queen Alien hitched a ride. Jack the Giant Slayer : Roderick is dead, the princess is saved, the beanstalk has been chopped down, stranding the giants in their land Shame on you if you expected the movie to end at this point.

In Jack Reacher , the titular hero takes out the bad guys guarding a building where he assumes a hostage is being kept, only to find out the building is empty and the hostage is in another building close by. Much of the movie is spent with him using his "Groundhog Day" Loop ability to try to find a survivable path to it. After numerous setbacks and failures, he finally reaches the location on his own only to discover that the visions were a trap, and that the Omega was never really there.

Like the musical , the halfway point of Into the Woods serves as a sort of fake out "happy ending"; Cinderella and her Prince get married as do Rapunzel and her Prince , Jack and his Mother become wealthy, the Witch regains her youth and beauty, and the Baker and his Wife finally get the child they've always wanted. Right in the middle of the royal wedding, everyone including the narrating Baker is interrupted by the quaking stomps of the Giantess, and it is then that the darker second half begins.

Confidential , Lt. Edmund Exley has killed the runaway culprits of the Nite Owl massacre, he is condecorated by the Chief of Police and considered a hero But there's something off. Bud White feels something in the resolving of the Nite Owl that is really wrong. John Wick. Did you really think John would be able to bag Iosef at the nightclub? Or that it would be over once John gets his man, with an irate and not quite rationally-thinking papa wolf of a mob boss? In Destroy All Monsters , after Godzilla and his friends barely manage to defeat King Ghidorah, they don't even have time to rest before the Kilaaks unveil their second trump card, the Fire Dragon.

In Godzilla , the military blows up Madison Square Garden just after Nick and the others manage to escape, destroying Godzilla's offspring and ending his species, Nick and Audrey have reconciled, triumphant music is playing and it looks like the movie is over In Species , the protagonists prematurely celebrate when the creature apparently dies in a car crash, but in fact she faked the whole thing. The Star Wars saga became this as of December 18th The Final Destination series do this constantly. There are even cases where it is done more than once.

The first film has the events after Alex saved Clear from being electrocuted. A vehicle abruptly crashes on the restaurant, making it clear that Death is not giving up catching them. When Carter asks Alex who is going to die next, a neon sign swings to him from the back before it Smash to Black. Final Destination 2 has two cases. The first is when Kimberly and Thomas see Isabella giving birth to her child, which apparently stops Death's List. Then a fire abruptly breaks out of Eugene's room, killing him and Clear.

Kimberly realizes that Isabella was never meant to die in the pileup and has nothing to do with their predicament. Bludworth's "new life defeating Death" is not a literal new life coming out of someone, but someone being resuscitated after near death. She boards an ambulance and speeds into a nearby lake to drown herself before being resuscitated, which finally stops Death's List Final Destination 3 : With Wendy, Kevin, and Julie saving each other from their neardeaths in the Fourth of July fair, it seems that Death's plan is derailed.

The movie cuts to three months later, where they reunite while boarding a subway. Wendy suddenly remembers something crucial which puts everyone in danger. The subway crashes, killing everyone on board. Oh wait, that was just Wendy's premonition. The trio try to stop the subway before it Smash to Black and the sound of the crash is heard, leaving their fate unknown.

Lori and Janet celebrate by watching a movie. However, Nick remembers that there is a survivor unaccounted for from the stadium collapse and tries to save him, but fails. George is then killed, leaving Nick racing to save Lori and Janet, but he fails again.

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Oh wait, that was his premonition. He is unable to save George, but manages to save Lori and Janet. They celebrate several months later in a restaurant. Nick suddenly comes to a realization that since having a premonition is what putting people to Death's List, this means Death is really the one behind the premonitions. A vehicle crashes through the restaurant and kills all three of them. The end. Final Destination 5 : Sam kills Peter before he is able to murder Molly, which Bludworth predicted would add Peter's lifespan to his.

The movie cuts to the JFK airport, where Sam is scheduled to move to Paris to work at a restaurant, with Molly tagging along. The two watch a ruckus going on nearby, where a high schooler named Alex Browning is escorted out of the plane, followed by a few of his friends and teacher. It is Flight and the year is Subverted in the final book of the Sorcery! Agatha Christie is the queen of this trope. If there are more than twenty pages left to go, there's a twist on the way.

Lovecraft 's The Dunwich Horror , the Old Man Whateley prophesied a grandson of him will cry the name of his father on the mountaintop. Not many paragraphs later Wilbur Whateley screams the name of Yog-Sothoth on the top of the mountain Turns out Lavinia Whateley had another son. Near the end, as the heroes are fighting their way into Green Angel Tower for the final confrontation with the Storm King , they encounter Evil Sorcerer Pryrates finishing off the last of the heroic army's decoy soldiers.

Miriamele catches him by surprise and apparently kills him with a Norn arrow. Of course, it's not that easy, as he proceeds to get up a moment later, complete with Evil Gloating. In the first Kate Daniels novel, Kate finds the bad guy right where they were supposed to be, foils the evil plot and the evil back up plot, and even manages to go on a semi-successful date. Only something keeps nagging her — catching the bad guy was too easy and there are too many loose ends. And sure enough, the next chapter has another body turn up. At the start of the H. Series , we're under the impression that the first major villain, Overlord , is dead.

In book three, we find out he was never actually dead, but Otto and H. He apparently is defeated again in book five by Laura, but then he returns in book six, when he is finally killed. We think. Cue one lingering Soviet attack sub and its attempt to take the October down. Agent Angel does this in the second book, "Losing The Plot". Mel and her friends think the Elizabethan mission is over, but they get back to Heaven, and they can tell something is wrong.

They realize they weren't finished after all, go back down in the middle of the night and have another try at their mission. Discworld : Done three times in Unseen Academicals "You think it's over? The book winds down with most of the plotlines reasonably tied up Then you realize that the entire first book was there to convince the reader that Francois really is awesome enough to pull off all the crazy stuff he does in the second book, beginning with him sneaking past enemy lines back to his house and blowing it up.

Jim Butcher does this on the last page of Changes. And it's a doozy. In John Fowles's The French Lieutenant's Woman there are not two but three endings, the first of which comes about halfway through the book. The Armageddon Inheritance makes good use of this. You've destroyed the enemy vanguard with a supernova , you've successfully lured the main body of their fleet into a trap and what's left is running away with their tails between their legs. Wait, what do you mean they've still got another quarter of a million ships , which just happen to be their largest and most powerful designs?

But we've not even got two dozen ships left! And our flagship has engine damage! Harry Potter : In Prisoner of Azkaban , Harry and friends capture Peter Pettigrew, the traitor who caused the death of Harry's parents, and seem set to hand him over to the authorities and clear Sirius' name. Then Pettigrew escapes, Sirius is forced to go on the run and Harry realises a prophecy he heard means Pettigrew is going to bring back Voldemort In Half-Blood Prince , Harry and Dumbledore risk life and limb, and give Draco the opportunity to invade the school, to get their hands on one of Voldemort's horcruxes.

Dumbledore dies, Snape betrays them all, Neville is seriously hurt, and Bill is permanently scarred. And then the Horcrux turns out to be a fake; the real one was stolen years ago. Sorry Harry, but your Horcrux is in another castle. In Deathly Hallows , when they go to Godric's Hollow because they think Gryffindor's sword is there, they end up being ambushed by Nagini disguised as Bathilda Bagshot, and as it eventually turns out, the sword was never there after all - Snape had it all along. In the third Fablehaven book it turns out that one of the artifacts has been moved.

When Kendra and her allies attempt to retrieve the artifact hidden in the Lost Mesa, it turns out that Patton Burgess, a previous Fablehaven caretaker, had long ago moved the artifact to a new location in Fablehave for safekeeping John Frederick Lange, Jr. When Wright finds out that federal agent John Graves is investigating him, and that Graves is likely to stop at the obvious solution, he devises two release mechanisms for the nerve gas, one obvious, one invisible.

Every Lensman book that stars Kimball Kinnison Galactic Patrol, Grey Lensman, Second Stage Lensmen , and possibly Children of the Lens end with him and the rest of Civilization thinking that they've finally for real this time finished off the Boskonian empire. In the Hollow Kingdom Trilogy , Kate sacrifices herself to the goblin King, Marak, and becomes his wife in order to save her sister, Emily. Sad ending, right? The story then skips ahead more than a year for the last few chapters and introduces a new sorcerer villain who is out to enslave the goblins.

In Warrior Cats: Omen of the Stars book The Fourth Apprentice , the heroes are about to have their confrontation with the beavers, but there is still a quarter of the book left. Cue the heroes being on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle and having to find a different way to defeat the beavers. Also in Warrior Cats , during the Graystripe's Adventure spinoff , the plot was about getting home to the Clans. At the end of Warrior's Refuge , Graystripe and Millie finally manage to reach Graystripe's forest, but as everyone who was following the series knows, the forest was destroyed and the Clans left to find a new home.

This led to the events of the final book in the spinoff, Warrior's Return. David Eddings ' The Belgariad has a very bad case of this.

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We're repeatedly told that the fight between Garion and Torak is going to be the end of all the fighting, the war between dark and light, all of it. And then suddenly the Malloreon comes along and tells us that no, the fight was a big event, but actually there's another thing that has to happen, and then it's going to be over.

Or, to be more accurate, then it will begin as the world will finally be released from the recursive loop it's been in since 'the Prophecy' split two for one. In Dora Wilk Series , a large chunk of the final novel is devoted to dismantling the organization of a man who's said to be holding Varg prisoner for Bruno. When Dora finally raids his compound, it turns out Varg was never among the trapped shifters and the search has to start anew. Turns out Basil betrayed the Wild Ones, and he immediately devours the bone and slithers away. Near the end of Mr.

Wrong , Mr. Wrong feels happy that Mr. Right made him smart. He lived happily, and right, ever after, right? Right and Mr. Wrong both became the opposite of each other. In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz , the story should end once the Wizard has been exposed, all the companions have what they were looking for, and he can take Dorothy home, right?

However, when the Wizard leaves, there's still another third of the book where Dorothy has to get help by asking Glinda, the Witch of the South, and has more adventures on the way to finding her.

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Live-Action TV. Any time the good guys raid a location in which they suspect the Big Bad is hiding, you only have to check the episode number to know how the scene will end. The sixth season plays right into this by having Jack stop the terrorists seven hours early. The plot then changes to focus on the Chinese holding Jack's assumed dead girlfriend hostage.

After spending twelve hours running around L. However, CTU soon learns about a heretofore-unmentioned second assassin who has flown in to kill Senator Palmer. Midway through season four, Jack and Paul Raines hole up in a sporting goods store and defeat a group of military commandoes. This is accomplished with twenty minutes left in the episode, leading people to suspect something's up. Then, the guy who hired the commandoes who wasn't quite dead shoots a supporting character, and the focus turns to saving one of two critically-injured people in CTU's medical wing.

Season seven did it again in episode ten Of course, The Mole tries to crash the system and erase the file Since we hadn't yet hit the halfway point of the season, there has to be more Sorry, Jack, but it's only six p.

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Most of the season finales fall under this: In the final episode of season one, Jack kills Andre and Victor Drazen before the episode is half over, leading people to think that he's solved the main plotline. He gets to talk to his daughter, and promises that everything's alright The first ten minutes of the season four finale are spent with Jack successfully stopping the terrorists and destroying the nuclear missile headed towards Los Angeles. Except there's still half-an-hour left in the show, which is spent detailing Jack faking his own death and going on the run.

President Logan is arrested in the season-five finale! And Jack even gets to make a phone call to Kim, who he hasn't talked to in The end of "Phase One" of Alias. The Alliance has been destroyed, Sydney and Vaughn have kissed In The Amazing Race , this is used on the contestants themselves in Seasons 7, 8, 9, and The teams get a clue telling them to go to mat and find Phil, only to have him tell them that the leg is not over, and hand them their next clue. Happened on quite a number of occasions on American Gothic The two most memorable would have to be "Resurrector", when after a morality tale of a radio talk-show host, his seemingly murdered wife, and Buck in one of his most despicable acts of Magnificent Bastardry , the interspersed attempts of Caleb to bring Merlyn's spirit back to him results in decidedly mixed results ; and "The Buck Stops Here", where after the sheriff is killed and Caleb becomes a regular little Damien, nearly killing Gail and bringing the whole town, even Selena, under his thrall, we are treated to the last shot of Buck's eyes opening in his grave.

Babylon 5 ends the major conflict that drove the show the Shadow war just six episodes into season four. The remainder of season four was mostly about resolving the secondary conflict of the show President Clark's regime on Earth , and the entirety of season five consisted mainly of tying up loose ends. The story had originally been planned with a five-season arc though the Shadow war would have, even in the original plan, been wrapped up during season 4.

Then, at the beginning of writing season 4, the creators were told that they were not going to get a fifth season, so they set about compressing the original plotline so they could wrap almost everything up by the end of season four with the exception of the Centauri Prime arc, which would've been resolved in the canon novels. Then they discovered they were getting a fifth season after all on a different network, but by that time it was too late to rewrite. As a result, what would've been most of the first half of season 5 is compressed into 3 episodes at the end of season 4, and the arc with Byron's telepaths was stretched out over the broadcast fifth season's first half in order to fill the gaps.

It's also another remnant of the parallels between B5 and The Lord of the Rings — there's the entire "Scouring of the Shire" part after the Ring is destroyed, and there are quite a few similarities between that storyline and the rest of Season 4. At the minute mark everything seems returned to the status quo, even if Roslin had a rig an election for it. Then Gaeta uncovers the fraud, and the extended-length episode runs for another 30 minutes setting up the first story arc of season 3.

Played straight with freaking Revelations. They find Earth, huzzah! But there's still half a season left, and all is not joyous as it seems. The cliffhanger version of this trope happens in "Kobol's Last Gleaming". Boomer discovers beyond all doubt that she's a Cylon, but blows up the basestar as ordered. It appears next season will be about how Boomer copes with this newfound knowledge. Instead her Cylon side forces the issue by shooting Adama twice in the chest. The title character of Castle , being a Genre Savvy mystery writer, seems to be very good at spotting these moments.

He keeps digging in the pilot after the seemingly obvious suspect has been arrested because his writer's sensibilities are offended by the killer's identity being 'too easy' "The reader would never buy it!

Your Princess Is in Another Castle!

Done extremely effectively in one episode when, after the killer commits suicide, Castle is shown going over crime scene photos with about 5 minutes left in the episode, only to deduce that the body they found was Not Left Handed , the real killer faked his death, and Beckett's life is still in danger. Very effective if you didn't realize that this episode was the first half of a two-parter. This happens so often in Chuck that it's almost become part of the usual plot formula. The second season finale is particularly bad. The bad guy's been defeated, the wedding was ruined, the wedding was saved, everything's set up for the next season!

The Princess is in Another Castle

And there's still another ten minutes to go. The ep's over and he's arrested, everything's tied up. Whoops, he just escaped from custody Doctor Who : "The Daleks" : At the end of episode 4, the Doctor and his friends have escaped from the Dalek city and saved the Thals from the Daleks' ambush. Cue perilous trek back into the Dalek City Note that this was only Doctor Who 's second story and the first was four episodes long. Then, as Susan is about to join the others inside, Tegana grabs her from behind.

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At the end of episode 6 of "The Daleks' Master Plan" , the Doctor and company escape from the Daleks, having rendered their doomsday weapon useless, and go off for a fun Christmas episode involving Hollywood producers and Liverpool policemen and Is this still the same story? Then they rematerialise back in the same spot, except now the statue that was meant to take years to complete is finished Oh, Crap! Partially spoiled by the BBC announcer who called it a six-part serial from the start, confirming that things wouldn't be resolved by the end of episode 4. In "The Creature from the Pit" , main villain Lady Adrasta is killed with about 20 minutes to go, seemingly leaving the Doctor to simply arrange a treaty between Chloris and Tythonus.

Then the Tythonians decide to destroy Chloris in retribution for her actions and various minor villains get in the way of the Doctor trying to stop them. At the end of "The Keeper of Traken" , the Master has been defeated and possibly killed and the Doctor has left. Then the Master reappears, kills Tremas and gains a new body, and it turns out to be the first part of a trilogy.

The Doctor manages to kill the Borad with about 10 minutes to go of "Timelash". Then the Bandrils decide to attack Karfel anyway. Then it turns out the Borad who was killed was a clone But it's only the beginning of the third act, so he turns back into a monster and kills the ambulance crew. The show also does something similar in "Utopia". Up until then the new series had only had two- part season finales. That season seemed to follow this, as the problem of the episode had been solved by the end The day has been saved, including restoring CAL and bringing back Donna along with four thousand other vanished people, but River died in a Heroic Sacrifice stopping the Doctor from doing the same.

The camera lingers on River's diary and sonic screwdriver as the Doctor and Donna walk sadly away, with a voiceover from River musing that travel with the Doctor always ends, and everyone dies eventually Then , the bad stuff begins to happen. Madame Kovarian pulls the rug out from everyone by showing she still has Melody, and the "Melody" they thought they had rescued was just a Ganger, and, oh, yeah, River Song reveals herself to be Melody, all grown up. Every season of Farscape ends on one of these, with the cliffhanger usually resolved in the first episode of the next season.

Season Four's finale was especially flagrant, as it teased the viewer with the prospect of an actual happy ending in the Farscape universe before shattering that pipe dream. Game of Thrones : As Littlefinger tells Sansa in "Valar Morghulis", Joffrey's new compromise with Margaery does not mean she's to be set free nor does make her safe from Joffrey if he still wants to take her while married to another woman. Multiple episodes of House seemingly end with House and his cronies having cured the patient du jour , only for them to develop a crazy and often, violently disgusting new symptom, deepening the mystery.

One episode did the opposite; they let their patient die, but then, just as they start the autopsy One episode of Joan of Arcadia has Joan and her friend Grace resolve their differences and then sit on the porch while the camera pulls away, a song plays, and the screen fades out. There was still twenty minutes left. In order to save The Multiverse , Kamen Rider Decade was tasked with the mission of going over to 9 worlds of the Heisei Riders and helping the Riders there. Once he's finished with all 9 worlds, Decade and crew seemingly return to their home dimension. However, Decade soon learns that it's not over; not by a long shot.

The dimension they returned to was not their home. Decade's Quest for Identity , which was his ulterior motive in this mission, still draws blank. There's Dai-Shocker waiting in the shadows for their Great Leader to return so that they can start their conquest. Finally, The Multiverse is still on the brink of destruction. This happens again in Double.

The duo finally defeat Ryubee Sonozaki and it seems that everything is coming to a close. Cut to Kazu carrying Wakana's body. The kicker? Shotaro even knows it's not the end due to them not finding Wakana's body. There are seriously like a dozen versions of Super Mario Bros. But our princess is in another castle! It makes sense that this is in English in the North American version… but why is it in English in the Japanese version? That sort of question is something that I get asked a lot about Japanese games and such. There are a couple answers. First, several years of English classes are required in Japanese schools.

Second, due to all sorts of political, socio-economical, and historical reasons, the Japanese language has absorbed lots and lots of English words. In short, English is pervasive in modern Japanese, to the point that even people who never took the required English classes in school can rattle off a ton of English vocabulary. Fourth, back in the early days of gaming, programming limitations made it easier to just include the 26 uppercase letters of the English alphabet in games rather than the or so Japanese kana characters.