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But without such a safeguard in place the ancient rule applies, and the buyer should beware. Under the principle of caveat emptor , the buyer could not recover damages from the seller for defects on the property that rendered the property unfit for ordinary purposes. The only exception was if the seller actively concealed latent defects or otherwise made material misrepresentations amounting to fraud. Before statutory law , the buyer had no express warranty ensuring the quality of goods.

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In the UK, common law requires that goods must be "fit for the particular purpose" and of "merchantable quality", per Section 15 of the Sale of Goods Act but this implied warranty can be difficult to enforce and may not apply to all products. Hence, buyers are still advised to be cautious. The modern trend in the U. When goods fitting the same description and expectations are available for sale e. When conforming goods are not available in stock but are available for the dealer to purchase usually on the open or "spot" market , the buyer may require that the seller obtain the goods elsewhere, even at a higher price, with the seller having to incur a loss equivalent to the price difference.

As a default rule, the perfect-tender rule may be "contracted around" in ways that specify or limit a buyer's remedies and that accordingly reduce the market price that rational buyers are willing to pay for the goods. In many cases, the vendor will not provide a refund but will provide store credit.

In the cases of software , movies , and other copyrighted material, many vendors will offer only a direct exchange for another copy of the same title, with the effect that the initial transfer or license of intellectual-property rights is preserved. Most stores require proof of purchase and impose time limits on exchanges or refunds. Some larger chain stores , such as F. In the UK, consumer law has moved away from the caveat emptor model, with laws passed that have enhanced consumer rights and allow greater leeway to return goods that do not meet legal standards of acceptance.

In Vino Veritas

In the UK, consumers have the right to a full refund for faulty goods. However, traditionally, many retailers allow customers to return goods within a specified period typically two weeks to two months for a full refund or an exchange, even if there is no fault with the product. Exceptions may apply for goods sold as damaged or to clear. Unfortunately, it seems as if it has begun to reflect The larger American culture a bit too much.

Lots of cheap guns, cheap gear, worn out surplus, cheap jewelry, the obligatory jerkey stand, a couple of crowd drawing Class III guns and lots of knock off products.

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I saw loads of look-alike optics and lasers that were marked as the real thing, at less-than-possible prices. Naturally, there were also products obviously manufactured for, and marked as airsoft, being sold alongside the real thing just hoping to draw a huckster in looking to save a buck.

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  6. I know a lot of airsoft enthusiasts get their necks all out of joint when I talk about it but it is the elephant in the room. So long as someone builds a realistic facsimile of a desirable item, someone else is going to try and pass it off as the real thing. Make sure you are purchasing quality no matter where you are shopping. Unfortunately, it seems the gun show has become nothing more than a variant of a weekend flea market. Some of them are priceless. The issue is that some SERPA Level 3 Light Bearing Duty Holsters have broken away from the jacket slot the interface between holster and belt due to improper assembly caused by using excessive force, improper screws or missing screws.

    They are offering a free replacement holster. Visit www.

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    On the other hand, SSD readers can spread that word that this is a ripoff and to boycott the product. Both the t-shirt and cloth patch seen here are counterfeits and someone not associated with TBOC is profiting from their sale. There is a replica AirFrame helmet on the market now. However, the fact that there are replica helmets out there is reason enough to put out an alert. No information is given with regard to sample size or the use of any standard scientific procedures to establish the validity of the data e.

    What is the state of the science with regard to the use of reserpine in treating autism? Our review of the scientific literature revealed one study published several decades ago in a peer-reviewed journal Lehman, Using the administration of a simple rating scale, Lehman found positive effects on the behavior of 9 children described as having autism; however, it should be noted that this study did not employ important procedures for scientific control e.

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    Also, it is worth noting that these authors report concerns about possible toxicity and side-effects e. No other peer-reviewed studies have been identified in the last 54 years! In this instance, the active ingredient, reserpine, is a psychoactive drug that has serious potential side-effects, including dizziness, dry mouth, loss of appetite and several others. Third, ask providers- and marketers- direct questions about the state of the science behind their claims and politely request direct answers.

    Marketers should present their autism treatment products without contrived hype and ill-defined data. And, they should present the state of their science clearly and accurately. Persons with autism and their families deserve nothing less.

    “In Vino Veritas” and Other Latin Phrases to Live By

    Lehman, E. The use of reserpine in autistic children. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 3 , —