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Schoo Violence: What Parents Can Do | Children's Hospital Pittsburgh

Get away. Tell someone you trust. Keep on telling until someone helps you. To use Be Safe!

Combating School Violence in New York City [Street Soldiers]

Online training for educators is included with the kit and is an essential part of the Be Safe! To familiarize school administrators with the Be Safe! Overview for Administrators is available. Read information for youth on preventing and getting help for sexual abuse.

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Start important discussions with your children—about violence, smoking, drugs, sex, drinking , death—even if the topics are difficult or embarrassing read more about substance abuse. Don't wait for your children or teens to come to you. View our tips for discussing difficult situations with your child. Children need clearly defined rules and limits set for them so that they know what is expected of them and the consequences for not complying. When setting family rules and limits, be sure children understand the purpose behind the rules and be consistent in enforcing them.

Discipline is more effective if children have been involved in establishing the rules and, oftentimes, in deciding the consequences. Remember to be fair and flexible—as your children grow older, they become ready for expanded rights and changes in rules and limits.

Show your children through your actions how to adhere to rules and regulations, be responsible, have empathy toward others, control anger, and manage stress. Knowing what's normal behavior for your son or daughter can help you recognize even small changes in behavior and give you an early warning that something is troubling your child. Sudden changes—from subtle to dramatic—should alert parents to potential problems. These could include withdrawal from friends, decline in grades, abruptly quitting sports or clubs the child had previously enjoyed, sleep disruptions, eating problems, evasiveness, lying, and chronic physical complaints stomachache or headaches.

Parents need to step in and intervene when children exhibit behavior or attitudes that could potentially harm them or others. And you don't have to deal with problems alone—the most effective interventions have parent, school, and health professionals working together to provide on-going monitoring and support.

How to Talk to Young Kids About School Safety — Even If You Think It’s Too Early to Start

Show your children you believe education is important and that you want your children to do their best in school by being involved in their education. SchoolSAFE Certified Ready school personnel are instantly connected to community police, fire, EMS and call centers for reliable, secure, two-way communication during a crisis. This product can shave minutes off response time with better communication, which can mean the difference between life and death for students or school personnel. About the author Dr. Riffle is a former teacher, education specialist, new teacher mentor, and administrator with degrees in special education, Deaf education, and educational leadership.

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