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We have always vacationed on the Atlantic, mostly in NC or SC, and I am concerned about the difference in "beach experience" being on the bay. Is the beach sand? Rocky or soft? Is the water clear or full of floating grasses? I understand there aren't any waves, per se, but is it still fun to go in the water? Do people swim in the water?

Captain Joshua Barney wins the Battle of Delaware Bay - April 8,

As a child, my parents would drag my brother and me to Broadkill Beach every summer. All I remember were the dying horseshoe crabs, huge horsefly's, toads, seaweed and rocky beaches. Not to mention, absolutely nothing to do, but the beach. As far as Bethany , Rehobeth, etc.

Flies can be bad, but they can also be bad at the ocean beaches if you have a land breeze. My major caution to you is to be aware that the bay floor is more "mucky" than the ocean and the water is not clear. It's not a sandy bay by any stretch and I would never venture in without water shoes.

Beyond the hype, new worries about health and Delaware Bay | Editorial

For this reason more than any other, the Delaware bay beaches are not really swimming beaches. The exception is Lewes beach , because of its proximity to the ocean The areas you mention are definitely quiet, but if you want a beach experience I'd look elsewhere. DEtraveler's post is absolutely correct. The further up the bay you go, the less swimable or even palatable the conditions. Trust me on that. Lewes is actually my swimming beach of choice not needing waves for the young "boogie boarders , and if waves aren't a "must" for your group, I believe you would find the entire length of their beach somewhat similar to OBX and other Carolina beach towns meaning other than at the parking lots, it's either beach-front free-standing houses or lo-rise multi-unit condos.

Water quality will vary, but is usually fairly good, and warmer than the ocean. As elsewhere along the bay, there is a very gradual slope into deeper water, and at low tide, there may even be "sand bar islands" you can wade out to.. I read your recommendation for rehobeth, Bethany beach , etc. Golf carts are available for rental. You can now shoot 3 completely different courses at Cedar Creek.

Cumberland Mall features a state of the art play area conveniently located near Center Court. The Delsea Drive-In was built in , closed in , and reopened in It is less than a one hour drive from Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and Delaware. Combining the nostalgia of the drive-in movie theatre with modern technologies and healthier food choices, the Delsea Drive-In offers affordable family fun for all ages. The number of drive-ins has fallen from over four thousand to less than four hundred over the past few decades, but you can still experience the nostalgic at the Delsea Drive-In.

Wind your way through lush green farmland and stop by one of our many Jersey Fresh vegetable markets.

November 16, 2017 New Jersey/Delaware Bay Fishing Report with Jim Hutchinson, Jr

Encounter quaint, quiet historic oyster, fishing and shipbuilding villages — learn about their special cultural heritage. Experience Delaware Bay surf fishing or charter a sport fishing boat at one of our marinas.

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Taste our fresh seafood prepared with traditional recipes at a local restaurant or cafe. Hike, bike, kayak, sail and so much more! A Par 62 Golf Course conveniently located in Vineland. Their hole golf course is beautifully landscaped with plants, shrubs, and trees.


The course is a haven for wildlife that was transformed from swampland by designer Francis Galbiati. The par 62 course spans 3, yards from the longest tees, composed of beautifully manicured greens, tight fairways, and 12 holes with natural water hazards. Beginners and pros alike will find a challenge at Eastlyn Golf Course and all golfers are sure to appreciate their 19th watering hole! Amenities include club rentals, electric carts, pull carts, and a practice putting green.

More equipment is available for purchase at their pro shop. Ask about private lessons, available to golfers of all skill levels.


An important survey of U. Legislation in the mid-nineteenth century authorized the transplanting of seed oysters from natural spawning areas to barren bay bottoms privately leased from the state. Oystermen found that transplanting oysters to the higher salinity levels of Maurice River Cove improved growth, enhanced the quality of their meats, and offered greater control in cultivating their product for market.

When ready for market, schooners and sloops transported oysters to Philadelphia. Servicing far-flung markets from rail connections in Philadelphia and New York City, these facilities helped drive an ever-increasing volume of oyster harvests. Each of these multiunit facilities teemed with activity as workers bagged, barreled, and shipped oysters and, eventually, removed them from their shells and canned them in new shucking houses. In this photograph, Bayside, New Jersey, fishermen process shad for shipment. Workers transferred their daily catches to boat-operating merchants who delivered the goods to Philadelphia or New York.

Each species returned to its natal grounds to spawn in the spring, a ritual that energized a number of small communities on the New Jersey and Delaware sides of the bay. But neither fishery was immune from overfishing and pollution.

Govt Announces Atlantic Sturgeon Critical Habitat Designation for Delaware River & Beyond

The combined effect of pollution and fishermen unwilling to curb their catch meant that the sturgeon fishery—once plentiful enough to allow people to affordably purchase caviar sandwiches—was in the midst of its final days. Rail and steamship service operating from Philadelphia opened the Delaware Bay to recreational activity during the second half of the nineteenth century, and this trend continued in the twentieth as automobiles further democratized leisure pursuits.

But smaller guesthouses and cottages were more the norm. By the late nineteenth century, Fortescue, New Jersey—centrally located on the Delaware Bay—epitomized the modest accommodations that typified vacation life along the bay. Army Corps of Engineers. Joining these channel lights were a collection of shoreline lighthouses whose appearance conformed to regional vernacular building idioms in New Jersey and Delaware. These navigational aids form a technological backdrop of longstanding challenges that have confronted the Delaware Bay, such as biological invasions—most notably oyster diseases MSX haplosporidium nelsoni and dermo Perkinsus marinus.

Passage of federal legislation in the s made dredging a focal point of efforts to improve the navigability of the Delaware Bay and River. While deepening the channel allowed larger vessels greater access to Philadelphia, it also punctuated the environmental cost of accidents oil spillage, fires involved in such shipping. Deepening the bay and river channel also raised the possibility of elevated salinity levels farther up the estuary and the potential ecological toll of changes in its water chemistry.

Starting in the s, modern environmentalism reframed the utopic vision of the Delaware Bay cast by European settlers four centuries earlier. By the dawn of the twenty-first century, the Delaware Bay was still an ever-present backdrop of economic ambitions driving redevelopment of the Port of Philadelphia, along with similar initiatives at ports in Salem, Paulsboro, Gloucester, and Camden, New Jersey, and Wilmington, Delaware. Complementing these federal measures was the active acquisition of shoreline areas by the states of New Jersey and Delaware for public use. Michael J.

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Newark, Del.