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You have no idea what to look forward to, and you don't care to look back. Drink too much. Decide to go to the West Village to fuck the British asshole; feeling unappreciated seems more authentic than being celebrated. Get lost in the West Village. See a Mexican man taking out the garbage while closing down a restaurant. Ask him for directions in Spanish. When he asks you to come inside, say yes. It's a good idea to do what other people want you to do. Trust him when he says that he just has to finish up out back and then will show you where the British asshole lives.

Plus, your phone is dead, so you aren't able to use GoogleMaps. When he pours you a glass of wine from behind the bar, knock it over while he's out back. Apologize profusely and say you really have to get going. He tells you he's almost done. When he leaves again, run to the front door. Dissipate your intoxication with a surge of adrenaline.

Fumble with the locks on the doors. Realize that there is a deadbolt with no key. Look out the door's glass panel to see the bar that is less than 30 feet from the British asshole's house. Throw your body into the door. Understand that this is real life. Remember the hatchway that opened to the street. Grab your bag and run down stairs to the darkness of the restaurant's basement. Don't be afraid of the darkness; you've been half-blind your entire life.

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When he finds you, cry and beg in Spanish and English. Shrink three inches and crumple to the honeycombed plastic floor mats. You are never enough. As he drags you up and presses your face to a metal preparation table, your body remembers to forget. Go to the bathroom. Do not look at yourself in the mirror. Put them in the hamper where they belong. You will never wear them again. Run the shower. Wash your hands three times.

Brush your teeth. Take your multivitamin. Moisten your contacts. Use the bathroom. He didn't touch me. Wash and condition your hair. Clean your body and face. Step out of the shower. Dry yourself.

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Cut your fingernails. Look in the mirror. Look at yourself, at your goddamn face. It's so pale, and your eyes are so dark. Yes, you're here after all. Fight the urge to vomit. You must have asked for this. Go to dinner with your best friend. She sits across the table, and even though her ice blue eyes are round with pain, her spine is as straight and strong as steel.

You say that he didn't touch you. And it's not your fault. Walk 23 blocks from the restaurant home to think about what she said. Only now do you feel the ache of each step. When you get home, and see blood, fall to your knees in the bathroom. Call your best friend, sobbing. Your body misunderstands the admission as an instruction to lower its guard: the influx of memories eviscerates your insides.

Hang up, and remain in the fetal position on your floor, pushing the memories back to their boxes behind the closed door. You did this again? You did this again. This is your burden, and you don't want to bother anyone with accompanying you. Either the world is an orderly place, in which you have control, or it's disorderly and unsafe. You choose orderly, and thus self-blame. You choose control, and thus solitude. Wait in triage with the unmedicated schizophrenics.

You are hyperventilating because it's the first time you use the word "rape," and they can't understand you. They think you're in respiratory distress, and begin to hook you up to a heart monitor when you shake your head to try again.

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Don't be alarmed when their faces fall. Don't be alarmed when you are ushered into a separate room through several mechanized doors, like on the Death Star.

You can't tell if you're being quarantined or treated as a frail tropical flower, but at least you're on an assembly line and you no longer have to think. Or feel. Consider consenting to an evidence collection kit at the encouragement of the hospital's social worker. You don't know if you want to tell the police about STEP SEVEN yet because you're still not sure that someone other than you should be punished for your mistakes, that you are both "special" and a "victim".

Pull out your own hair at the technician's instruction, making sure to get the follicle, and place it in the orange evidence bag. Open your mouth for the technician's swab. Open your legs for the technician's swab. Laugh when the technician drops a vial of your blood on the tile floor.

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