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His books range from the most popular team sports to outdoor activities to survival adventures and even to auto racing. His exploits have inspired numerous writers to walk in his footsteps — literally! Each of his stories is stamped with teamwork, fair play, and a strong sense of self-worth and discipline. Always a team-player, Maddox realizes it takes more than one man or woman to create a book good enough for a young reader. He hopes the lessons learned on the court, field, or arena and the champion sprinter pace of his books can motivate kids to become better athletes and lifelong readers.

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Leadership Imprints. News Follow Us. Coughlan Companies. Someone keeps playing pranks on Ryan and it is starting to affect how he plays basketball. Who is the big prankster and why are they out to get Ryan?

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Jax, a striker, is the star of his soccer team. But when he moves up a level and joins a new team, he has a hard time following directions and trusting his team. For someone who's been playing for years, Jax has a lot to learn about teamwork. Austin, eager to prove himself and win a sports trophy like his older brothers, joins a local cycling club and enters a Tour de France-style bike race. Not only does he have to find a bike, train, and learn the course, but he also has to deal with a Sam is the best swimmer on his school swim team.

When Julien, a new exchange student at school, joins the team near the end of the season, Sam offers to help him practice. But when Sam and Julien have to race against each other in the final meet, onl Dana and the rest of the Raiders gymnastics team must learn how to deal with their biggest rivals, the Superiors. When the Superiors don't play fair, the Raiders learn a valuable lesson in sportsmanship. Mia is a new volunteer at the Rocky Ridge Riding Center, and she's having some trouble adjusting. Diamond is a new horse at the center, and he's also having trouble adjusting to the new environment.

Mia and Diamond must learn to work together so they Nick hates running, but when his gym teacher gives him an ultimatum -- join the relay-race team or fail the class -- he knows he has no choice. He'll have to suck it up and run. Will he learn to run or let down his team? Alex and her family just moved, which means she has to start a new school and adjust to a new soccer team. She soon learns that she must play a new position on the team, which makes her frustrated.

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Alex must learn how to adjust to her new life and ha Kyle's school decides to host an Olympic Fest in honor of the Summer Olympics, and he's assigned to compete in the track-and-field events. The only problem is, he's no good at them. Will practice make perfect, or will Kyle embarrass himself in front Ramona loves sand volleyball but has a hard team being a team player. When she learns that the court will be destroyed by a plastic company, she must learn the importance of being part of a team.

Jason never turns down a dare, which has gotten him in trouble more than once. After he gives some classmates a hard time, they challenge him to a BMX competition. Jason can't say no. But BMX is way harder than he thought. If he can't learn to ride b Jake is the best bull rider in his division. He's never been thrown from a bull and doesn't see that changing anytime soon.

But when he takes a bad spill during competition, he hurts more than just his arm. His confidence takes a hit, as well. Jake h Dylan has been looking forward to the Midwinter Meltdown Tournament for months. He knows this will be the year his hockey team wins. Then a pre-season injury takes him out of the game. Even though his wrist is healing, he's too weak to play. Can Dyla After Evan's older brother breaks his leg skateboarding, their parents ban skateboarding for the whole family.

But Evan loves skateboarding too much to quit. When his grandmother catches him practicing for a competition, Evan knows his secret is out When Gabby's figure skating coach retires, she has to learn to skate with a new coach. But when her new coach pushes her to do a double Axel, Gabby is afraid her old injury will flare up. Gabby has to decide if winning is worth risking injury. Kayla is the best gymnast on her team. When Chandra pressures her to tell the truth, Kayla must decide if keeping her trophy is wo Julia just changed schools.

Luckily, her best friend, Ava, goes to her new school. But if Julia is a better cheerleader than Ava, will they still be a A girl on the JV basketball team was injured, and Mel has been asked to take her place. Mel is thrilled. Tim is disappointed when his best friend wants to spend their last day of summer geocaching. But a competition might make things interesting. Before the day is over, Tim will have discovered more than just a hidden treasure.

Everyone says that Crooked Hill has a curse.

Soccer Show Off Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories

But it's the only good place to go mountain biking in Flatte County. When Jonah's brother goes down it during a storm, can Jonah beat the Crooked Hill curse? Nick gives up on everything he tries. So when he's on vacation, he tries surfing.

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He doesn't like it, so he quits. A friendly girl helps him learn to windsurf. But will he quit that if he can't do it? Pumped-up, easy-to-read sports stories with an emphasis on speed, skill, and fair play. The boys in these books face challenges on and off the racetrack. Logan moved to Westfield a year ago.

This season, hell be playing against some of his old friends. Will they see him as a traitor? Will he be able to be loyal to his new team without making his old friends mad? The Huskies are the biggest and best team in the conference. The Wildcats lose to them every year. Coach thinks they have a chance this year. Can Carlos make it happen? In the biggest game of the year, Noah's on the bench as usual. But when another player is injured, Coach puts Noah in. And soon, the outcome of the game rests on his shoulders. Andrew's been working overtime on improving his speed with his older brother.

Can he pull it out and help his team win? It takes each player on the Wildcats basketball team to win. Their captain, Trey, plays with speed and smarts. Isaac, a point guard, knows how to lead the team. PJ, a center, is tall and quick. And Daniel, a forward, has guts and power.

In these four There are five guys on the Wildcats who always start, and forward Daniel Friedland isn't one of them. But when the star forward goes on vacation, Daniel gets his chance at the spotlight. It's his turn to shine. Daniel has worked hard at improving his Trey Smith, the captain of the Wildcats, knows he's one of the best players on the team.

He doesn't worry about anything when he's on the court. But then he finds out that he knows someone on a rival team. It's his cousin, Pete. And to make matters w Isaac Roth's big brother was a forward for the Wildcats, and Isaac wants to be one too. His dream is to be the highest-scoring forward ever. The problem is that Isaac is short. Coach Turnbull thinks he'd be a better point guard than a forward, since Wildcats center PJ Harris is the tallest player on the team.

Everyone expects him to be a natural on the court. He's an all-star, except for one thing. He's horrible at free throws. When a game comes down to PJ's free throws making the difference bet Marissa has always loved dancing. But lately, she feels clumsy and awkward when she dances, and she feels bigger and taller than the other girls. She doesn't even bother trying out for the Rose Fairy ballet. But someone else thinks Marissa has what i When Ed learns how to play disc golf at summer camp, he can't wait to play with his best friend, Harry.

Soon, star quarterback Gordy wants to play too. With Gordy's help, can the boys convince the football coach that Dribble Creek needs its own disc Fiona's new school doesn't have an ice hockey team--just field hockey! She decides to try out for field hockey anyway, but the sports have different rules. Will Fiona be able to stay on the team if she doesn't learn the rules?

When Tess moved away from Winterfall, she left her two best friends, Ana and Sofie, behind.

Jake Maddox JV: Snowboard Struggle

She's traveling back to surprise them and to take part in the yearly snowboarding competition. Ana is glad to see her, but Sofie acts strange as soon as Tess Kelcey wants to quit the basketball team. A mysterious person named Dr. C is running a basketball clinic at her school. C claims to be able to fix basketball problems, but Kelcey is sure it'll take more than a doctor to make her love the game aga It's a dream come true. Peter entered a contest to be on a stock car pit crew, and he won! Just when it looks like he'll finally get his chance to work a real race, things go wrong in an unexpected and terrifying way Allen's grandpa has never missed a baseball game until tonight.

While Allen plays his most important game ever, Grandpa fights for his life at the hospital. Allen wants to win the game for his grandpa, but he's facing his biggest challenge, Hank The Shawn gets to be a junior team member on Johnny Pride's stock car team.

But when he arrives at the racetrack, it turns out he'll be helping Johnny's biggest competition, Mean Gene Pederson. Shawn realizes that appearances aren't everything. Maybe the After getting soaked by Harry's water balloon, Paul chases Harry down. He didn't expect Harry to be so fast. He gives Harry a choice: join the track team or else.


Harry doesn't think it's fun to run if he's not being chased. With Paul's help, can Har Danny Mason's brother, "Clean" Cole Mason, is famous on the stock-car circuit for being a good guy. So Danny can't believe it when he starts to see signs that someone on his brother's team is sabotaging his opponents. Danny has to figure out what's g When his friend Max asks him to join a tennis league, Henry can't say no.

It's expensive, so Max's dad pays Henry's way. Henry can't tell his dad, or he'll have to give up tennis for good. Is being able to play the game he loves worth hiding the trut Because of an injury, Nadia couldn't practice her balance beam routines all summer. Her ankle is healed now, but she's nervous about being back in competition.

It seems like every time she sees her rival, Blaire, her ankle starts to hurt again. Riley and Blake have been best friends forever, even though Blake is a daredevil and teases Riley. That all ends when Blake finds a new group of friends. Riley joins the swim team, and soon finds he doesn't need Blake's friendship to get by. But when The only fun thing to do in Amir's neighborhood is climb buildings. Of course, no one will let him do that. When a police officer offers to bring Amir to a climbing wall outside of the city, Amir is thrilled.

He meets William, who also loves climbing Juan was a track star at his old school, so he's not sure what to expect when he's asked to join the football team in his new town. Right away, Juan thinks he's made the wrong choice. He can't catch, he can't throw, and one of the members of the team Molly has always dreamed of taking horseback riding lessons, but the lessons were too expensive.

Until now! A new stable has opened up in town, and Molly convinces her parents to let her sign up for classes. Everything is great. For as long as he can remember, Ethan has envied his dad's hunting trips. His dad has always promised to bring Ethan along when he's old enough, and finally, this year is the year! But on their hunt, Ethan discovers some dead deer left in the woods. When Kenny's anger problem gets out of control, his father signs him up for karate lessons. But even in karate class, Kenny can't get a grip on his temper.

He's getting a reputation for being angry. With help from his karate teacher, will Kenny be ab Austin may be new to town, but he's not new to go-kart racing. Unfortunately, he had to leave his kart behind when he moved. When he races against Ryan Stone, Austin quickly learns that Ryan's the guy to beat. But how can Austin's rental kart compete Retrieved July 1, ESPN Cricinfo. The Times. July 6, Retrieved May 1, Archived from the original on October 10, South African Jewry: a contemporary survey.

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Archived from the original on January 22, Gregory recently spoke to the Connecticut Jewish Ledger about her religious background: "We [my brother and I] were brought up with the feeling that you have to believe in G-d. You have to believe in right and wrong. The rest they kind of left up to us. We celebrated everything-Christmas, Hanukkah, all the Jewish holidays, Easter. They taught us both traditions. Then when we got older they said whatever we chose and whatever we wanted was good with them. I identify that my heritage is Jewish.

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July 8, Retrieved January 8, Jewish currents.

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Tennis Grandstand. Retrieved March 4, Jewish Post. June 20,