Guide How to Read Your Astrological Chart: Aspects of the Cosmic Puzzle

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Over time, astrological sophisticates develop their own systems for reading horoscopes. This chapter, and the rest of this book, presents mine. This is not the only method for reading charts. You may not choose to use it. But this is the way I analyze charts in my practice. It identifies the most significant features in very short order.

Begin by speculating on the accuracy of the data. Times that have been rounded off, like or , are suspect.

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Times on the quarter-hour are likely to be closer to the truth, and a time like may be exact. Be especially cautious when the Ascendant is in the last few degrees of one sign or the first few degrees of the next, since a slight difference in birth time can change the rising sign. In borderline cases, ask for the Sun sign of both parents, as one of them may be the correct Ascendant. Ask where the person got the data. If it's from Mom's memory, she's 80, and she had seven kids, the data may be faulty unless memorable circumstances accompanied the birth.

A birth announcement or baby book may be given some credence. If the time was noted on the birth certificate, it is at least as close as the delivery-room staff could make it. However, when difficult planets like Saturn, Pluto, or Neptune fall near the Ascendant, inquire if any unusual circumstances accompanied the delivery. Often, there is quite a saga. If this was a chaotic Neptune or a particularly difficult birth Saturn or Pluto , the data could well be in question. Especially in life-threatening circumstances, delivery-room staff pay attention to the baby and the mother, not the clock on the wall.

Typically, when both stabilize and cleanup begins, someone will ask when the baby was born. The person in charge looks at the clock and makes a guess, and that guess is recorded for posterity. Take the birthplace and year into account as well. Until , observance of Daylight Savings Time was notoriously changeable from town to town and even year to year, especially in the Midwest.

The best reference, at this writing, for checking this is The American Atlas , but even that is amended as new information comes to light. In some areas—and some eras—state law has mandated that Standard Time be recorded on the certificate, rather than Daylight Savings Time. Illinois was such a state until , as was Pennsylvania between and Where this rule was in effect, the birth certificate of someone born on May 25th at P. EDT would read P. Not all hospitals paid attention to the law—and not all delivery-room staff remembered it all the time. As a result, even the time on a birth certificate may not be recorded correctly.

For Pennsylvania and Illinois natives, you should definitely ask for the source of the time. A baby book or birth announcement notation may be based on clock time, and thus might be Daylight Savings Time. A parent's memory of the birth time may be from the clock and thus Daylight Savings Time or may be from a later glance at the birth certificate and thus possibly Standard Time.

For DST births, ask for a few key past events to double-check the Midheaven through transits or progressions. Despite precautions, errors may creep in, but at least you'll be forewarned. That's bad enough, given that there are timetables for Pennsylvania alone in The American Atlas. At least, for six months of the year, we don't have to worry about Daylight Savings Time—except for those born during World Wars I and II and the oil crisis of —5, that is. However, just when I thought it was safe to fire up the software, I discovered that, if Pennsylvanians find a town name they like, they tend to use it more than once.

How to Read a Birth Chart.. in Minutes!

I surveyed one two-page spread—two of 26 pages of towns in Pennsylvania. Among the many redundancies were two Bethlehems, two Bryn Mawrs, three Bloomingdales, five Brooksides, and seven Bridgeports. You also have to watch for spelling variations—there were two Bridgetons and one Bridgetown. These towns are often far enough apart to produce several degrees difference in Ascendants and Midheavens.

Between the two Bethlehems, there are three degrees difference on the Midheaven and four on the Ascendant. That is enough to throw predictions off seriously or change a rising sign. To avoid error, ask the county of birth or the name of the nearest goodsized city. Pennsylvania isn't the only problem area—there are three Brooklyns in New York state.

Two are in the boonies a considerable distance from New York City, but the one where so many bright, funny, famous, and infamous folks were born is 73W56; 40N Astrology is primarily a visual medium. Out of the five or six usual senses, we each have one or two that we prefer. Some of us are visually inclined, some are tactile, and some learn best by hearing. If you're not particularly visual, you can train yourself to see more acutely. You could accentuate color in drawing up a wheel, as some astrologers do. They may use red ink for planets in fire signs, green for earth, blue for water, and perhaps orange for air.

Another visual aid is the European system of drawing houses their exact size rather than the illusory equal size the pie chart of most printed charts. Whatever devices you adopt, keep the wheel uncluttered. In actual practice, I start with a one-ring chart with just the natal placements. After analyzing them and drawing in the aspects by hand, I use a bright color to plot in house positions of the transiting outer planets and Jupiter. When a transiting planet shifts houses within the year, I draw a double-headed arrow showing before and after house positions. One advantage of eliminating clutter is that important features stand out more starkly.

Chart 1 confines itself to bare bones see page 6. The Sabian Symbols in Astrology. Bovee, Blain.

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How to Read Your Astrological Chart : Aspects of the Cosmic Puzzle

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