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And now, if you will light one of these cigars, we will talk of you for a while, if your modesty will stand it.

Synonyms for modesty decency humility propriety purity reticence simplicity virtue bashfulness celibacy chastity constraint coyness delicacy demureness diffidence discreetness humbleness inhibition innocence meekness prudery quietness reserve self-effacement timidity unobtrusiveness unpretentiousness lack of pretension unostentatiousness MOST RELEVANT. There was a modesty in Bowser's tone that gave me a better opinion of him.


Modesty often choose to play her favourite game of hopscotch while singing anti-witchcraft rhymes, one of several forms of anti-magical media she was surrounded with daily. Modesty was well-mannered in public. Even when someone insulted a member of her family, she merely glared silently. Emotionally, Modesty was much closer to her brother Credence, who listened to her and talked with her about subjects such as her siblings, whom she sorely missed. Before Modesty was adopted by Mary Lou Barebone. She lived with her mother and father and her nine siblings in a tenement of the Bronx.

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But later, her parents gave her up for adoption. It seems that Modesty had a good relationship with her siblings, if she missed them very much when she was adopted by Mary Lou. It is unknown whether Modesty had a good relationship with her parents, if she did not miss or did not talk about them, which is possibly that she did not remember them anymore.

Modesty feared her adoptive mother Mary Lou Barebone , as she was very violent and abusive towards her and her adopted brother and sister. Mary Lou abused her, probably in a different way as Credence and probably also much less. Modesty follows the rules of her adoptive mother as expected of her, such as singing anti-witchcraft rhymes about killing witches. However, Modesty secretly breaks the rules behind her adoptive mother's back. Such as throwing the Second Salemers leaflets into the air, as Chastity said to not dump the leaflets, and having a toy magic wand under her bed.

This was certainly a risky display of rebellion and revenge towards their unforgiving mother-figure. Modesty had a close relationship with her adopted brother Credence Barebone , as she was the only one who was kind towards him and gave him affection at that time.

What Is the Meaning of Modesty in the Bible?

Modesty talks with Credence about subjects such as her siblings, who she really misses. This shows that Modesty trusted Credence. Modesty witnessed Credence's beatings and comforted him afterwards. When Henry Shaw Junior insulted Credence, Modesty protectively took her brother's hand to comfort him as no one was looking.

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When the Obscurus of Credence attacked their mother after she had tried to punish Credence, Modesty became fearful of him. The relationship between Chastity Barebone and Modesty is not exactly clear. They attended their mother's anti-witchcraft rallies and meetings together and passed out leaflets, so it possible that the two adopted sisters had a cordial relationship with each other.

Modesty is derived from the Middle French modestie which means freedom from exaggeration, self-control or the Latin modestia which means moderation, sense of honour, correctness of conduct , from moderastus which means moderate, keeping due measure, sober, gentle, temperate or from modus which means measure, manner, take appropiate measures. In short, Modesty means "quality of having a moderate opinion of oneself", which was first coined in the s. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Witch number one, drown in a river!

Witch number two, gotta noose to give her! Witch number three, gonna watch her burn, Witch number four, flogging take a turn. Contents [ show ]. From a family of twelve.

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