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Uncle Bob even came out to my last photo show in LA. But they are the only non-Christians in the family. The rest are certified born-agains. Deanna's brother and his wife would probably be pretty tripped out. I suspect they have googled me and seen some stuff, but they have never brought it up. My niece is 13 and she's on Instagram now, but she's not allowed to follow me. One time she was going to do a report about me for school, but then suddenly she said she couldn't, and that's when I think they Googled me. I believe you to be one of the best, if not the best, talent scouts in skateboarding's history.

Since the inception of Toy Machine you've always had the best guys riding for you. What's your secret? What do you look for in your riders? It's sort of a gut feeling. I don't hang out in the streets with the guys and I'm not a hands-on team manager, so I need a rider who doesn't need to be babysat, who is out there doing shit on his own. You have to be able to blend well with the team, too.

So talent is only part of it. I'm not going to sponsor the best skater ever if they are an asshole to be around. I would rather have the second best guy who's fun to be in a van with, and then use his own personality to promote him. I like to coax out the character of each rider and not have them be faceless rippers who nobody really cares about. You have to put yourself out there, that's what people connect with. I honestly don't know how I do it, there's no formula.

Luck is part of it. Being open to weird shit is part of it. I want the freaks. I think good skaters seek Toy Machine out actually. We are not the big bucks type of company, so if you are riding for us it's because you want to. In your opinion, what was the gnarliest, most heavy-hitting team in Toy's history? At one point we had Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, and Brian Anderson on the team—all dudes who would be megastars at different points in their careers.

So there's a strong case for the Welcome to Hell era, but to tell the truth right now is the best team I've ever had. And that's only half of the guys. My main job in the near future is laying this team down on tape, er, pixels. Have there been any guys you can recall that got away? That you wanted on the team but it didn't happen or work out? I passed on Chris Cole. Kerry Getz brought me his sponsor-me tape—I still have it somewhere. Bam Margera left the team right before he blew up into mega-stardom.

Muska left before he became a mega-star, too. I was after Spanky before he went to Baker. Alex Olson was on flow but he went for Girl. There's more I can't remember all of them! All of them probably worked out for the best. I think kicking Muska off was a tough one, and I like Alex, so it would have been cool to have him on.

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But really things work out how they're supposed to. You mentioned Alex Olson. Long before getting on Girl, Alex went on a Toy Machine tour and was in the running to make the team. Why didn't that work out? I think for a few reasons. He was essentially couch-surfing from a really young age, and I think me being based in HB as opposed to LA played a factor. Also, I cared maybe too much about him and wanted him to get back in school so he could think about life after skating as well.

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But that may have been too overbearing for him. Like I said, things work out and he is doing all sorts of stuff outside of skating and will be fine without any help from me. There was no bad blood or anything.

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When he chose Girl I was sad but totally stoked that he was making moves and starting to go for it. Up until then he didn't even seem sure if pro skating was what he wanted to do, having grown up in it with his dad [Steve Olson] and everything. I was always saying, "You're a natural! You have to try and make it! In the final part of your Epicly Later'd episode , Deanna gets very emotional about the thought of you further injuring yourself skateboarding.

You had a severe leg break a few years back. How does it feel now?

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Are you able to skate again? I skate here and there, but for the most part I have retired.

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  6. I have other things in my life and I don't need to skateboard for money. I feel very lucky that I don't have that pressure to come back and be a pro skater at my age. I started Toy Machine in for this very moment. Now that I'm useless as a pro skater, I can still be involved with the thing I love and be able to be around skateboarding. The leg is as good as it can be.

    I still feel it when I take a little impact. Notify me of new comments via email. Share Adjust Comment Print. His deep faith and commitment to prayer and worship provides the foundation for his message of love and forgiveness. Tutu will receive the prize at a public ceremony at the Guildhall in London on Tuesday, May Video highlights of both ceremonies will be available on the prize website a few hours following each event. John M.

    Templeton, Jr. Not only does he teach this idea, he lives it. And mercifully, gloriously, right will prevail. Over the next 30 years, he became a key player in the campaign to abolish apartheid, for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize in , in using his pulpit to bring worldwide attention to the crusade for justice and racial conciliation in South Africa.

    A pinnacle moment in that effort came on September 13, , when Tutu, despite no official mandate from the church, led a Cape Town protest against apartheid that drew an estimated 30, participants. Within days, massive peace marches broke out in Johannesburg, Durban and across South Africa, often with Anglican bishops at the helm. The demonstrations ushered in rapid changes, including the freeing of Mandela and other imprisoned activists, and the eventual complete dismantling of the apartheid system.

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    8. Grounded in the inherent humanity expressed in the African tradition of Ubuntu, the commission called for confession, forgiveness and, where possible, restitution. In Tutu helped form The Elders, an independent group of former global leaders including former U. Even after his official retirement from public life in , Tutu continues to speak to audiences across the globe. Later, as a teenager in the Johannesburg suburb of Sophiatown, a center of black culture, he slowly recovered from a near fatal case of tuberculosis, inspiring him to become a doctor.

      Despite acceptance into medical school, a lack of tuition thwarted his dream, so he opted to study education at Pretoria Bantu Normal College. At 23 he began teaching at his alma mater, Johannesburg Bantu High School, only to quit three years later to protest deteriorating standards of black education mandated by the Bantu Education Act which severely reduced schooling to only three hours daily, segregated institutions of higher learning, and eliminated government funding to the remaining non-white colleges, largely condemning those students to careers in service industries and manual labor.

      In he earned a Licentiate of Theology from St. Hotels in Templeton. Book your hotel now!

      While there he witnessed police brutality for the first time, in response to a peaceful student protest. In , Tutu he became Associate Director for Africa of the Theological Education Fund of the World Council of Churches, a three-year position that took him on 48 visits to 25 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and immersed him in the emerging philosophies of black consciousness and theology. His appointment as the first black Anglican Dean of Johannesburg provided him an international platform in the anti-apartheid movement.