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Then set your goals higher than you think humanly possible. You will find your reward. Consider an athlete or a famous musician. They thrive in the skill that defines them, and the energy flow is seamless. We can all tap into our own inner excellence and radiate this same energy. Were you meant to counsel others? Do you have a way with numbers? As Jakes discusses, find your genuine purpose and never settle for false comfort. Ignite your passion and your purpose will reveal itself! People who are further down the road, people who share the same values, people who are smarter than you, more experienced than you, and people who have more battle scars than you.

You need mentors, coaches, teachers, a pastor, and the kind of friends who believe in you enough to challenge you to become everything that God created you to become. In the Bible Elisha had a mentor named Elijah. Joshua had Moses. Mary had Elizabeth, and the 12 disciples all had Jesus. Proverbs NIV says,. In order for you to build these kind of relationships, it will require you to take the initiative. Pick up the phone and call them.

Offer to take them to lunch, dinner, or coffee. Do whatever you have to do to accommodate their schedule rather then expecting them to accommodate yours. Spend time building your relationship with Christ through prayer, worship, studying the scriptures, and joining a small group at church. The purpose He gives you will always require His help to accomplish it. Jesus recruited his ministry team and then exposed them to His teaching, serving, and ministry of performing miracles. Once they had been exposed to those new environments, Jesus released them to go and do the same thing.

You have to be willing to expose yourself to bigger environments. Environments that are unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and at first a little bit intimidating. If you feel called to lead, expose yourself to leadership environments that are going to help expand your vision and understanding of leadership. If you feel called to ministry, expose yourself to ministry environments that will help feed your purpose and rethink what the kind of ministry you feel called to can look like. If you feel called to music, business, starting a non-profit, or the health field — expose yourself to the kind of environments that will feed that purpose.

The first and most important investment you can make is in yourself. In the bible, God likens His relationship with us to a potters relationship with clay. Investing in yourself is like giving God The Potter more clay with which to mold you. But how do we add more clay to our lives? Will it cost you something? Will it be worth it in the end? Lastly, investing in yourself also includes investing in your physical health.

It would be tragic to die prematurely with purpose still inside of you because of something that you yourself could have prevented. Your purpose is precious and someone somewhere is counting on you to walk in it. Y ou were created on purpose with purpose. In short, you are the solution to a problem and becoming that solution is your purpose! Life is too short and too precious for you to spend it all trying to pursue a career when you could be fulfilling your unique, one of a kind, God given purpose. I suggest working through this list slowly, prayerfully, and with a notebook and ink pen in hand.

You might even want to come back to it everyday for the next ten days and journal your thoughts each time you sit down to apply the BIG 10 to your life. Fear of failure is by far the greatest obstacle that keeps us from discovering and walking in our purpose. When it comes to pursuing your purpose, the most devastating thing that could happen to you is not failure. The most devastating thing that could happen is for you to become successful at the wrong thing.

The reason something bothers us is often because our purpose in life is to help fix that problem. Sex trafficking? Biblical illiteracy? A lack of leadership in our culture? Watching young couples struggle in their marriage? Maybe empty seats in church bothers you or people not knowing how to handle their money?

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The reason something bothers you may very well be because God created you to become the solution to that problem. This might help you uncover another clue to discovering your true purpose. Sometimes the most intimidating obstacle standing between us and our purpose is our fear of having to deal with the pain of our past. The good news? God will give you what you need to overcome your past so that you can walk in your purpose.

Discover, Develop, and Protect Your Purpose.

He will not leave you nor forsake you. We often overlook the things that we already do really well. These things often come so natural that we never stop to consider the fact that it might really be supernatural. Not everybody can work with computers, people, money, or business the way you can. Not everyone can draw or take photographs like you can. Sometimes the treasure of our purpose is hidden plain sight. So, take a minute and take stock of your life. What do you do that hardly takes any effort to produce results?

What do you that when you do it you make it look easy? It may indeed need some polishing and development, but even in its rawest and most undeveloped form it can be another clue that will help lead you to your purpose. This is a big one. Jesus repeatedly said no to what appeared to be great opportunities so that He could put Himself in a position to fulfill His purpose. And when it comes to sacrifice, Jesus led the way. Discovering and developing your purpose will require seasons of sacrifice.

"Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life" Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. (Inspiring Sermon)

And not everyone will understand or agree with the decisions you make when you get serious about pursuing your purpose. So what are you willing to sacrifice for? The answer to this question may very well be a clue that leads you to your purpose. Sometimes we allow limited resources to put limits on our purpose.

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In fact, the bible says:. One of the worst mistakes people make is choosing to pursue a paycheck rather than pursue their purpose. If you pursue your purpose the paycheck will eventually pursue you. What do you spend your time thinking about, talking about, reading about, watching, or listening to?

However, when this question is applied correctly, with pure motives, your passion is often a powerful clue that will help lead you to your purpose. Our passions and interests are often times put there by God Himself as a means of pointing you towards your purpose. Time is your most valuable resource. The way we invest it will determine what we get back out of it.

Once you discover your answer to this question — make up your mind to make up your mind! No more excuses. Carve out and protect some time each week to work on discovering, developing, and protecting your God given purpose. Just think — had you just spent 10 hours a month last year hours working on your purpose — how much further down the road could you be right now? You were created on purpose with purpose. It pays no attention to race, age, gender, or education. Everything it promises to you is exactly what it takes from you.

11 Signs of Walking in God-Given Purpose As Seen in Jesus’ Life

It often finds you full, but always leaves you empty. And unforgiveness is poison to your purpose — on more than one level. While not all sickness is caused by our sin, sin can indeed cause some sickness. King David knew all to well the physical consequences that sin can have on the body. He wrote in Psalm When unforgiveness is in the soil of your heart the only thing that can grow there are poisonous roots. It chokes the life out of marriages, friendships, and family relationships.

Refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and wishing the other person would die. It promises you protection, but becomes your prison. It traps you at the point of your pain keeping you from the pursuit of your God ordained purpose. I believe that when embraced they have the ability to transform your life.

Step into Destiny: Find and Fulfill Your God-Given Purpose by Daniel Hyun Park

The reason being is because each of the 7 are drawn directly from the Word of God. Amen, A. But how do we do it? How do we cultivate and protect an environment where people can experience the life giving presence of God in our lives? If we want to have a divine encounter with God we have to create divine alignment in our heart and prayer creates that alignment. It places us in position to experience His presence. This means that you need to cultivate a personal prayer life. While prayer prepares us for His presence, praise attracts it.

Think of it this way:. From the beginning of the bible to the end, God is passionately attracted to the genuine praise of His people, so make praise a part of your daily time with God. If we want to cultivate an environment where people experience the life giving presence of God, we have to protect the purity of our hearts. Listen to how Psalm 24 relates the purity of our hearts with our ability to experience the presence of God:. And who may stand in His holy place?

People experience the presence of God in two ways, 1 corporately and 2 individually. If we want to experience His presence in either setting we must be vigilant about keeping our hearts pure.

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  • If you want to cultivate and protect an environment where people experience the life giving presence of God you should:. Below, I offer 4 keys that can help take some of the emotional sting out of the process of managing conflict. Keep working on being an intentional communicator.

    See a Problem?

    Communication often starts with listening, not talking. People need to feel heard in order to feel valued. Often times conflict could be resolved before it begins by simply give one another the benefit of the doubt. The moment we reject our own stubborn pride and choose instead to serve others, our peace is restored and strife and division can finally be conquered. And He is also preparing your destiny, the people and places involved, for you. God had already provided for the Israelites because the Canaanites had dug the wells, cultivated the land and built the communities in that land.

    There will be a certain flow about what you do — it will feel natural to you in many ways. When God connects your gifts, skills, experience, passion and personality into His divine destiny just for you.