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That was the only life she knew as she did not get to go to school. She walked her son to and from school, provided for his every need and the two were happy: happier than most people I know. I remain humble to have been counted among her small circle of friends. We would spend her last week together in her hospice suite, and then Carol would leave me too soon in August Why did I choose these moms, and these stories on such a happy holiday to honor mothers?

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Joycegodwingrubbs2's Blog. Skip to content. Posted on April 9, by joycegodwingrubbs2. Like this: Like Loading I have written 15 books, plus 3 written as a "ghost writer". I no longer offer the novels as printed books, having them only available as Kindle Ebooks since my retirement as a novelist. Twelve books are on Amazon. They are real cases fictionalized into suspense stories to protect identities..

It is available on Amazon under the name of Annabelle Kindig. I have traveled, written from the heart, and found an audience that appreciates my "platform". The catalyst to writing the novels was the realization that if I died, I would take all my amazing experiences in these real cases with me; and believe me few have lived 5 lives in one. The suspense series was written in part with the collaboration of police woman and sex crime expert Trula Ann Godwin.

His book has been described as " [o]ften humorous, occasionally heartbreaking, and full of counterintuitive conclusions. Poet Saul Williams performed at this spoken word event at FringeArts. Saul Williams is an acclaimed poet, musician, and actor. Thursday, June 18th at 7pm at Head House Books. Bob Fernandez is a staff writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer, currently covering the telecommunications and media industries. He has won multiple journalism awards since his career began in , including for his stories on the Hershey Trust. His first story on the Trust appeared in the Inquirer in He grew up in Seattle and lives in Brooklyn.

Thursday, June 15th at 6pm at Head House Books. Stephanie read a brief excerpt from her book and took questions. The perfect event for booklovers, aspiring authors, and publishing professionals! Set in a high school in the Philadelphia suburbs; a recent School Library Journal review states-" Saft gives readers a look at the complicated relationships between high school girlfriends. The female characters she crafts are complex. Tuesday, May 26th at 7pm at Head House Books. David S. All girls in grades K are welcome to attend. Tuesday, May 12th at 6pm at Head House Books. The book features over 90 illustrations and brings to light Proust's visual imagination, his visual metaphors and his photographic resoursces and imaginings.

For tickets and event details click here. You will not be able to put it down. Wednesday, February 11th at 7pm at Head House Books. In addition to numerous academic publications on contemporary women writers, she has published two collections of short stories: Una noche en casa Madrid, and Beyond Jet-Lag New Jersey, and a novel, American in Translation: A Novel in Three Novellas Indiana, First Person Arts presents an evening with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. A book signing will conclude the evening. VIP Reception from pm. Main event opens at 6pm.

Dinner at 7pm. Thursday, September 18th at pm at Head House Books. The Examiner. Additional information at First Person Arts. Ed Luce, Chief U. As a consumer lending practitioner who saw it coming, Richard Vague's voice should not be ignored. His emphasis on the dangers of rising private household debt is a key to both the last crisis and the next. This book is a must read. Several of his plays are available in print and his work has been honored with a fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son.

She lives in the greater Philadelphia area with her husband and daugher. He lives in Philadelphia with his daughter. Life undermines the pursuit of success and status in these rich, bewildering stories. In partnership with the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. George H. Nancy S. See Keri on Good Day Philadelphia. Read Richard's review on his blog. February 20, February 19, November 21, November 14, November 10, November 6, September 12, Are you a community group or organization in the Philadelphia area who would like to make books available for purchase at your next literary event?

Please contact us at sales[at]headhousebooks[dot]com. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Buy A Book. Home Events. Find more details here! Nao, a suicidal Japanese girl, postpones her death as she grows closer to her year-old great-grandmother, a Buddhist nun. Ruth, an American author with writer's block, discovers a diary washed ashore on her remote island in the Pacific Northwest. Ruth becomes obsessed with Nao and her diary, and readers will be drawn in as their stories intertwine. Night Shade takes place in Society Hill, Philadelphia in the 's.

Early one summer morning, as Penny McGinty leans over a cookstove in a sweltering Philadelphia kitchen on Pine Street, a knock from a slender fist upon the back door interrupts the hum of insects hovering in the yard's overgrown garden. At first, nobody will recognize the sound of the knock for anything more than it is. Penny McGinty opens the door and invites the traveler inside. Local illustrator Kimberly Ellen Hall and New York author Rachel Wharton have teamed to create a beautiful and quirky history of American food, including some Philly favorites.

Join us for their Philadelphia book launch. With playful imagery, this story considers identity and nonconformity through the eyes of Sam, a square struggling to find his true place in a world of circles! Join us at Head House Books for a discussion with the author. Head House Books will be the seller of Nosrat's acclaimed cookbook and Netflix series of the same title. See here for event details! Head House Books will be the seller for this annual day-long event hosted by the Philadelphia Citizen.

Stay tuned for details! Dubner, an award-winning author and journalist. They set out to explore the inner workings of a crack gang, the truth about real estate agents, the secrets of the Ku Klux Klan, and much more. Through forceful storytelling and wry insight, they show that economics is, at root, the study of incentives--how people get what they want or need, especially when other people want or need the same thing.

She also mines fascinating insights from history and shows what can be gleaned from modern experiments in peak performance. The secrets, lies, and layers of deception about Diane Dewey's origins were meant for her protection--but eventually, they imploded. Living with her family in suburban Philadelphia, Diane had grown up knowing she was born in Stuttgart and adopted at age one from an orphanage.

Dear Master

She'd been told her biological parents were dead. Then, in , when she was forty-seven years old, Diane got a letter from Switzerland: her biological father, Otto, wanted to bring her into his life.

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With that, her world shifted on its axis. June 12, Jennifer Weiner, author of Mrs. Everything , at Head House Books, pm. With his characteristic sympathy and humor, he introduces us to the Summum and their Seven Aphorisms, a Wiccan priestess who would deck her City Hall with a pagan holiday wreath, and other determined champions of free religious expression. The Art of Breaking Things : Weekends are for partying with friends while trying to survive the mindnumbingness that is high school. The countdown to graduation is on, and Skye has her sights set on escaping to art school and not looking back.

But her party-first-ask-questions-later lifestyle starts to crumble when her mom rekindles her romance with the man who betrayed Skye's boundaries when he was supposed to be protecting her. With the help of her best friend and the only boy she's ever trusted, Skye might just find the courage she needs to let her art speak for her when she's out of words.

After years of hiding her past, she must become her own best ally. Rosen, an elderly expat who had employed Marisol's mother as a maid. But she never pictured fleeing her home in El Salvador under threat of death and stealing across the US border as "an illegal.

When Is It Time to Put Down a Dog Who is Aggressive to People?

She's asked to become a grief keeper, taking the grief of another into her own body to save a life. It's a risky, experimental study, but if it means Marisol can keep her sister safe, she will risk anything. The Grief Keeper is a tender tale that explores the heartbreak and consequences of when both love and human beings are branded illegal. The narrator, Jeanette, cuts her teeth on the knowledge that she is one of God's elect, but as this budding evangelical comes of age, and comes to terms with her preference for her own sex, the peculiar balance of her God-fearing household crumbles.

Join us for a story time for kids ages to celebrate the publication of Being Edie is Hard Today , illustrated by Elizabeth Bergeland. This warm and tender story about being yourself--even when you're sad, anxious, or feeling lonely--reminds readers that human connection is essential, tears can heal, and a new day is always coming. Moshfegh quickly established herself as an important new voice in the literary world, and her concerns for those isolated not only in the margins of society but within the physical confines of the body itself mirrored the work of brilliant predecessors like Mary Gaitskill, Christine Schutt and, in some ways, Eileen Myles.

An anthropologist uses spelling bees as a lens to examine the unique and diverse traits of Generation Z--and why they are destined for success. This inspiring book of landscape photography from National Geographic captures the beauty of nature in all its breathtaking variations.


A Light of Her Own : Judith is a painter, dodging the law and whispers of murder to try to become the first woman admitted to the Haarlem painters guild. Maria is a Catholic in a country where the faith is banned, hoping to absolve her sins by recovering a lost saint's relic. Both women's destinies will be shaped by their ambitions, running counter to the city's most powerful men, whose own plans spell disaster.

Together they quietly hide from the world in a small cottage. An intimate look at the traditions, resilience, and love that built the Biden family, and the delicate balancing act of the woman at its center. A dissertation on black women's pain and possibility; an autobiography of a black woman's complicated dance with feminism, overcoming otherness as a big black girl in a skinny-white-girl world, her mother's triumph over violence, and her own journey from disappointment to black joy.

Eloquent rage keeps us all honest and accountable. Public art is a form of communication that enables spaces for encounters across difference. These encounters may be routine, repeated, or rare, but all take place in urban spaces infused with emotion, creativity, and experimentation. This groundbreaking history tells the little-known story of how, in one of our country's darkest hours, Japanese Americans fought to defend their faith and preserve religious freedom. A tale of adventure and discovery in newly independent Kenya as an American Quaker boy comes of age in a troubled nation coming of age itself.

Now he completes his trilogy with his most inspiring work yet. From comedian and ex-diet junkie Caroline Dooner, an inspirational guide that will help you stop dieting, reboot your relationship with food, and regain your personal power. Five characters, in very different circumstances--from a domestic cook in Mumbai to a vagrant and his dancing bear--find out the meanings of dislocation and the desire to get more out of life.

This book is equally useful to publishing beginners looking for a realistic overview of the process and for already practicing publishers seeking a deeper understanding of accounting principles, ways to bring their books to new audiences, and how to advance their mission in a changing industry. Presents evidence suggesting collusion between US and Israeli intelligence in the attack on a US naval surveillance vessel during the Six-Day War and the more than fifty-year long cover-up.

Find out more about the event here and come visit us and check out our selection! In Guilty Pleasures , legal scholar Laura Little provides a multi-faceted account of American law and humor, looking at constraints on humor and humor's effect on law , humor about law, and humor in law. In addition to interspersing amusing episodes from the legal world throughout the book, the book contains 75 New Yorker cartoons about lawyers and a preface by Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor for the New Yorker.

Peter's Church, am. When aspiring violinist Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman lands a job with a professional ensemble in New York City, she imagines she has achieved her lifelong dream. But the ensemble proves to be a sham. When the group "performs," the microphones are never on.

Instead, the music blares from a CD. On tour with his chaotic ensemble, Hindman spirals into crises of identity and disillusionment as she "plays" for audiences genuinely moved by the performance, unable to differentiate real from fake. Hindman writes with precise, candid prose and sharp insight into ambition and gender, especially when it comes to the difficulties young women face in a world that views them as silly, shallow, and stupid.

School-age kids are invited to join us and The Geography Lady after school on the 12th for an exciting exploration of everything France. Music, books, snacks, and more! Discovering Philadelphia: Places Little Known is a collection of unfamiliar photographs taken and assembled with descriptive captions by local architect David S. January 24, Dr. In this revolutionary new book, Dr.

Alicia H. Clark recognizes anxiety as an unsung hero in the path to success and well-being. Anxiety is a powerful motivating force that can be harnessed to create a better you, if you've got the right tools. Hack Your Anxiety provides a road map to approach anxiety in a new --and empowering -- light. More information here. A NASA astronaut and distinguished space photographer who spent more than seven months off the planet presents the infinite wonder of his astonishing aerial images of Earth, along with captivating tales of life at the edge of the atmosphere.

Woodward draws from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand sources, meeting notes, personal diaries, files and documents. Usually served from tiny eateries, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, or market stalls, these specialties have passed from father to son or mother to daughter for generations.

To find the best versions, the authors scoured bustling cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa, and sleepy towns on mountaintops. They visited bakeries, juice carts, beaches, even weddings. Each chapter weaves history with contemporary portrayals of the food. Striking photographs capture all its flavor and vitality, while step-by-step how-tos and closeups of finished dishes make everything simple and accessible.

Fueled by outrage at the punitive terms imposed on Germany by the Versailles Treaty, he found his voice and drew a loyal following. We'll be doing what we do best - selling excellent, diverse books, offering great advice on great reads for yourself and for gifts, while you meet and greet some of Philadelphia's best authors.

The couple decides to use their tax refund to reconnect with their fellow Americans via a cross-country road trip and, more specifically, better understand how Trump won the election. Valerie M. Jones, CFRE, brings her intelligence, determination, and spirit to the world of fundraising. Through her boutique firm, VMJA, she advises clients on board development, major gifts, strategic planning, and grantsmanship.

She delights in coaching and has taught thousands of board and staff fundraisers. Join us for this evening of wit! We'll be celebrating the publication of Wit's End with word games, creativity tests, and more fun activites led by author James Geary. In this whimsical book, Geary explores every facet of wittiness, from its role in innovation to why puns demonstrate the essence of creativity. Geary reasons that wit is both visual and verbal, physical and intellectual: there's the serendipitous wit of scientists, the crafty wit of inventors, the optical wit of artists, and the metaphysical wit of philosophers.

The most dangerous threat we--individually and as a society and country--face today is no longer military, but rather the increasingly pervasive exposure of our personal information; nothing undermines our freedom more than losing control of information about ourselves. And yet, as daily events underscore, we are ever more vulnerable to cyber-attack. Chertoff explains the complex legalities surrounding issues of data collection and dissemination today, and charts a path that balances the needs of government, business, and individuals alike.

The remarkable story of Benjamin Rush, medical pioneer and one of our nation's most provocative and unsung Founding Fathers. One of our most gifted writers of fiction returns with a bold and piercing novel about a young single mother living in New York, her eccentric aunt, and the decisions they make that have unexpected implications for the world around them.

This collection of letters and other documents offers the most complete portrait of the relationship between two of the American South's most acclaimed twentieth-century writers: Flannery O'Connor and Caroline Gordon. October 21, C. In this dazzling debut about family, home, and grief, C. Morgan Babst takes readers into the heart of Hurricane Katrina and the life of a great city. As the storm is fast approaching the Louisiana coast, Cora Boisdor refuses to leave the city.

Her parents are forced to evacuate without her, setting off a chain of events that leaves their marriage in shambles and Cora catatonic--the victim or perpetrator of some violence mysterious even to herself.

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This mystery is at the center of Babst's haunting and profound novel. Cora's sister, Del, returns to New Orleans from the successful life she built in New York City to find her hometown in ruins and her family deeply alienated from one another. Separately and together, each member of the Boisdor clan must find the strength to remake home in a city forever changed. Event attendees can test their knowledge AND win prizes too. What is it about Italy?

Cultural Superpower yet merely a mountainous Mediterranean peninsula, Italy has exerted an outsized force on the world, Western civilization and the popular imagination over the course of centuries. A special entertaining presentation for anyone curious about or already in amore with Italy and its remarkably rich cultural gifts.

Explore with Carla Gambescia, author of La Dolce Vita University: An Unconventional Guide to Italian Culture from A-Z -- a unique lifestyle compendium of all things Italian: food, wine, history, architecture, art, style, anecdotes, attitude -- the special alchemy of Italy and the cultural DNA that has made it not only so influential, but also so beloved.

A licensed attorney Lauren has years of experience working in and around City government. She began her career with the city as a City Council legislative aide who successfully sued Mayor Michael Nutter to prevent the closure of multiple city library branches during the Great Recession. The untold story of the "Black Boys," a rebellion on the American frontier in that sparked the American Revolution.

Profane, manic, and tipping into the uncanny, it's a story of loneliness, obsession, and the drive to leave a mark. When George Washington was elected president, he reluctantly left behind his beloved Mount Vernon to serve in Philadelphia.

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  4. The Harlem Street Nun: Autobiography of Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely.
  5. In setting up his household he brought along nine slaves, including Ona Judge. As the President grew accustomed to Northern ways, there was one change he couldn't abide: Pennsylvania law required enslaved people be set free after six months of residency in the state. Rather than comply, Washington decided to circumvent the law.

    Every six months he sent the slaves back down south just as the clock was about to expire. Though Ona Judge lived a life of relative comfort, she was denied freedom. So, when the opportunity presented itself one clear and pleasant spring day in Philadelphia, Judge left everything she knew to escape to New England. At just twenty-two-years-old, Ona became the subject of an intense manhunt led by George Washington, who used his political and personal contacts to recapture his property.

    A first novel by an unknown writer, it remained on the bestseller list for sixteen weeks, won the National Book Award for fiction, and established Ralph Ellison as one of the key writers of the century. No one could fathom how a vessel equipped with satellite communications, a sophisticated navigation system, and cutting-edge weather forecasting could suddenly vanish—until now. Bina has never forgotten the time she and her mother ran away from home. Her mother promised they would hitchhike to the city to escape Bina's cruel father and start over.

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    But before they could even leave town, Bina had a new stepfather and two new stepsisters, and a humming sense of betrayal pulling apart the bond with her mother--a bond Bina thought was unbreakable. Eight years later, after too many lies and with trouble on her heels, Bina finds herself on the side of the road again, the city of her dreams calling for her. She has an old suitcase, a fresh black eye, and a room waiting for her at Catherine House, a young women's residence in Greenwich Village with a tragic history, a vow of confidentiality, and dark, magical secrets.

    There, Bina is drawn to her enigmatic downstairs neighbor Monet, a girl who is equal parts intriguing and dangerous. As Bina's lease begins to run out, and nightmare and memory get tangled, she will be forced to face the terrible truth of why she's come to Catherine House and what it will take for her to leave We see how they rebrand themselves as saviors of the poor; how they lavishly reward "thought leaders" who redefine "change" in winner-friendly ways; and how they constantly seek to do more good, but never less harm.

    We hear the limousine confessions of a celebrated foundation boss; witness an American president hem and haw about his plutocratic benefactors; and attend a cruise-ship conference where entrepreneurs celebrate their own self-interested magnanimity. Don't know your Wookiees from your Wampas? So where to start if you have never actually gotten around to watching the movies? Or your kids keep asking you tricky questions about the dark side? Don't worry We have you covered. Drawn into the orbit of Kendra's Salingeresque family, Chess moves into their Greenwich Village home when she graduates from Barnard and takes a job assisting the infamous literary intellectual Clarice Marr.

    There she receives the sentimental education and emotional roughing up New York bestows on all its young hopefuls--including a doomed love affair with Clarice's troubled son. From an author of rare, haunting power, What We Lose is a stunning novel about a young African-American woman coming of age—a deeply felt meditation on race, sex, family, and country. Inspired by author Martha Freeman's own experiences, it addresses many of the questions kids might have: What should I wear?

    How will I get there? Where can I go to the bathroom? Is it okay to dance? It is! All the while the text focuses on our Constitutional right as Americans to assemble. In Big Windows , Lauren Moseley's poems move through real and imagined landscapes, navigating the borders between doubt, fear, wonder, and empowerment. Through the lens of the natural world, Moseley explores love, family, marriage, and self-knowledge, and never stops searching for the sacred, even when "the thread connecting all things" snaps.

    At once electric and contemplative, in a lyrical but spare style, the poems in Big Windows ultimately break down the boundaries between the self and the environment, between the physical and dream worlds, revealing the transcendent in the everyday. Inspired by and drawing from the work of writers who participated in nationwide Writers Resist events in January , this volume provides a collection of poems, stories, essays, and cartoons that wrestle with the meaning of America and American identity.