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I smuggled it home in my backpack. Set in Thatcher-era England, the film follows Omar, a young man of Pakistani descent, navigating the expected duties of his family and their launderette business while dealing with constant harassment from a gang of racist white thugs. Through the first half of the film, while the plot developed slowly , I felt a sense of disappointment—a sad realization that this might not be about what I had hoped it might.

But hey, I thought, that Daniel Day Lewis guy is really cute! He played Johnny, the sympathetic leader of the gang and Omar's childhood friend. In a scene in an alley, after putting aside their differences, they discuss the possibility of teaming up to make the launderette more successful.

Then, suddenly, Johnny pulls Omar toward him and delivers a deep kiss. Omar returns the kiss with both passion and familiarity. They fade back into the darkness, wrapped in each other. I was dumbstruck, then teary-eyed. My teenage heart raced as I rewound that moment over and over—it was the first time I had seen anyone who looked like me be with another man.

It showed me that I could be happy, that there was hope that I too could find love. It wasn't just for one kind of people in this world. The film itself was no box-office smash. Despite near-universal critical praise and an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay, to this day, many of my friends have never heard of it. But even a supposedly dismissible piece of cinema can have a huge impact on the world beyond the audiences it was made for. Think of Ang Lee's The Wedding Banquet , in which a gay Chinese man struggles to choose between the male partner he loves and the family he must honor.

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The Green Room. What a pleasant surprise this film was. Daniel Day Lewis in one of his earliest roles stars with Gordon Warnecke in this unconventional love story. Warnecke plays young Omar, who is given the opprtunity to run his uncle's laundrette. He enlists the aid of his ex-lover, Johnny played by Lewis to get the business back on it's feet. The scene in the laundrette that includes Omar and Johnny in the foreground and Omar's uncle and his mistress in the background, is one of the most sensual celluloid scenes I ever scene. If you are looking for something good and out of the ordinary, I would recommend this one.

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Want to see a side of London you won't get from any other director? Then watch My Beautiful Launderette The film opens with a scene in which squatters are forcibly evicted from a derelict building. Londoner viewers will recognize this as a sad yet common event Immediately, we are attuned to the political bent of the movie.

Fortunately for that intent, the dialogue in the film is intelligently written note: this will not appeal to the lowest common denominator -- it scores low on commercial appeal. Unfortunately, the often "stiff" delivery of that dialogue is a significant impediment.

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That said, Daniel Day Lewis lends a powerful presence to his role as the punk squatter, Johnny. The climax of the film aptly integrates the various tensions in the film: political, sexual, and social. We're surprised with a love scene between Johnny and Omar which is well-paced, erotic, and genuine. It figures this movie was not made in the USA If it was, then main gay characters would either have to get killed or at least decently commit, or try to commit, suicide, get castigated or openly persecuted or both for their sexuality, and of course there would have to be a gays-are-people-too sermon somewhere in there.

In fact, in this movie, while the gays may not have it easy, neither does anyone else; while in fact the non-gays get much more s--t than our two gay heroes, who seem to playing everybody off of each other anyway. You keep expecting someone to burst in upon their smooching or harassing them on the street or some other such low-down thing, but no and knowing this makes it so much more easy to watch the second time!

To the Hollywood-weaned watcher, the start is slow and you don't quite know which way things are going, but we are very naturally eased into the two guys' relationship. It's very sweet, Romeo and Jules-like stuff. And like other reviewers mention, it is also so natural and well- made and carried so many other taboos that gay seems barely to be the issue. It is not a happy ending for many of the main characters in the movie, but life goes on. Just like life actually does. Stephen Frears' film of Hanif Kureshi's script about the Pakistani and the NF punk who grew up as friends, and find themselves attracted to each other again.

Perhaps the longest-lasting image is the two boys in the back room of the launderette, splashing each other with water, and putting aside the political differences between them. Whether it truly makes its points about race and sexuality I'm not sure. I watched this movie because my wife wanted to see it. I didn't have very high expectations for it and I knew what the plot would be because I had read the IMDb summary.

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I've happened to watch some movies lately which have been way better than the ratings they've had but this one most definitely does not go into that bunch. The plot did go through following some weird script but the problem was that they probably had cut away a lot events that were not central. Scenes would end abruptly or jump to a totally different scene or atmosphere. It made the characters and events a tad too hard to follow. At many points during the movie I was baffled at why the characters did what they did. However, if the point was to depict the chaotic life of people living on the streets and how they supposedly don't behave rationally, this movie succeeded in that goal.

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There were a few funny things I laughed, I admit, but not nearly enough to warrant a comedy definition. Mostly the movie was drama and romance. The drama was OK, all the characters had problems with life and so on and they tried to cope with the difficult and unfair situations they encountered themselves in. The romance part I guess the movie tried to be provocative and probably was back in when it was first released but now it was just a bit silly. The script was no good and the actors quite stiff. Also, the sounds were horrible. I don't even know how you can fail with 80's music but this movie did just that.

If you are looking for a movie with such a love theme as this one I guess the movie will be OK for you as my wife informed me that the movie was OK but for me it was a pain to watch through. For its time MBL was a break through movie. London is a very complicated place for colonials and for punks.

Daniel Day Lewis as Johnny in "My Beautiful Laundrette" 1985

As the friendship between the boys develops- complications arise. What I liked about this film was its unpretentiousness. You can hear and almost smell the various neighborhoods of London. And Daniel Day Lewis certainly showed his potential for the star he would become. Maybe it's the fact that the film's very British and very eighties but how can this possibly score 6. Sometimes I despair at the reviewers on here. Anyway, back to the film.

His ambition is to renovate his uncle's run-down laundrette. He gets in his white mate Johnny Daniel Day Lewis to give him a hand and the two guys fall in love. My Beautiful Laundrette completely encapsulates the zeitgeist of 's Britain, tackling everything from racial tension, immigration, generation differences, class differences, Thatcherism and homosexuality.

I say 'tackle'- it's presented but the viewer is allowed to make their own minds up. This is primarily a coming-of-age film and on that level it can appeal to everyone. As for the arguments that you can only like this film if you fit into one of the criteria portrayed here or the period it was set in, they're completely ridiculous. So, we can only like Schindler's List if we're a Nazi or a Jew and were alive in the forties?

Come on people. The only criteria I fit in with this film is that I live in Britain- not even London, where the film's set. What a lot of people dislike about the film is that it portrays a lot of the tensions happening in Britain but it does so on a very human level.

Film analysis of 'My Beautiful Laundrette' - Finding Where to Belong to

No character is just a victim of the state. It's a light romantic comedy that lets us see the violence and racism but doesn't linger, making it more powerful when things do happen. As for the relationship between Omar and Johnny, it's portrayed very tenderly and very sexily, though tasteful. What is rare for a 'gay film'- a label given to any film that has gay characters in- is that the characters aren't tortured over their sexuality or punished.

It's just portrayed as a normal loving relationship and the two actors- both straight- are very convincing. Now Daniel Day Lewis has bagged his third Oscar, breaking the record for Best Actor, how does he fare in a very early film in his career?