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A Starbucks partner sent me a pic of a reusable straws and an idea to go with it: What do you think of an idea of a reusable straw discount…. On this little website, anyone can use the link Submit a Pic and send me pics, information, tips, or whatever. If you want to look at what pics people have….

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On July 31, , Starbucks opened their first stand-alone Princi bakery restaurant. Submit a Photo or Tip. Espresso Beverages , Uncategorized. Melody , September 3, 2 1 min read. Roy Street. Melody , March 27, 12 2 min read. Melody , November 24, 1 10 min read. Coffee Education , Uncategorized.

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Melody , November 11, 3 1 min read. Melody , September 30, 58 4 min read. Seattle Roastery. So all the goodness you taste is real food, simply delicious. Blonde Roast Mild and mellow, the lighter roast perfected. Coffee Coffee by Form.

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Real Food, Simply Delicious See the new food choices we have in store. Drinks Store Locator. About Us Coffee. Card and Rewards FAQ.

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Store Locator. A Different Kind of Company Our mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time. Menu Delicious, handcrafted beverages and great-tasting food. But I put aside my severe allergic reaction to strawberries and took a sip of this.

It was great! Jaykay, I never tried it.

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If Superman were a skinny Jewish guy from Delaware, strawberries would be his kryptonite. Nutritional info: calories, 24 grams sugar If you want to enjoy this Strawberry Acai Refreshers drink with coconutmilk, go forth! It looks delicious! But sadly, I cannot partake. Read my blurb on Strawberry Acai.

Nutritional info: calories, 57 grams sugar No. Nutritional info: calories, 23 grams sugar Capri Sun for adults who are ashamed to be seen holding a pouch of juice.

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It does this Frapp no favors. Nutritional info: calories, 73 grams sugar I understand that Starbucks likes to make all of their seasonal drinks into Frappuccinos.

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I also understand that I will likely never enjoy them as much as I do the plain old latte version. As the good Lord intended! This Tall drink contains mg of sodium. Nutritional info: calories, 33 grams sugar My disappointment with everything caramel flavored has been documented.

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But this is the only permanent hot caramel drink on Starbucks' menu, and it's serviceable. I don't mind the caramel drizzle, and the vanilla syrup inside plays nice with the espresso and steamed milk. Nutritional info: calories, 10 grams sugar Going to Starbucks and ordering a cappuccino is like going to a Starbucks and ordering a cappuccino. What are you doing?! There are nitro cold brews with cold foam and Frappuccinos and Mango Dragonfruit drinks to order! Nutritional info: 80 calories, 20 grams sugar No!

Nutritional info: 80 calories, 20 grams sugar The vanilla syrup just wasn't working for me. This appears to be neither. Nutritional info: 5 calories, 0 grams sugar This roast changes over the course of the year. Nutritional info: 5 calories, 0 grams sugar This roast is Veranda, although it too can change seasonally.

Nutritional info: 5 calories, 0 grams sugar This roast is always reserved for Pike Place. This is my favorite of the drip coffees though in the afternoon, there's a location near me that switches to pour-over. Nutritional info: calories, 57 grams sugar I think I used to be more of a vanilla person growing up, but now I'm squarely in the chocolate camp. Significantly older, current me who has successfully gone through puberty! Nutritional info: 90 calories, 19 grams sugar This is not a drink so much as a beacon in a cup with ice and a straw. It says to everyone who walks by you, "I just bought a wine-colored drink from Starbucks that has fruit in it!

Oh, and there are seeds from the dragonfruit and actual dragonfruit! You can't miss them. The flavor is tropical as the look and name of the drink promises. Despite the fact that dragonfruit has its fruitprints all over this, mango is what lingers on your palate before fading away.

But that photo you posted to Instagram? That, my friends, stays forever. Nutritional info: 80 calories, 17 grams sugar This drink is delicious -- the Cascara Cold Foam is one of the finest coffee innovations Starbucks has ever been a part of -- but to truly appreciate this drink, get the nitro version. And you know what? When I drink this, I miss those ingredients.