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As archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan knows only too well the many faces of Jesus Christ and sees him in almost anybody. He uses his book to share a unique combination of simplicity, practicality, and guidance to give our faith a daily injection of meaning and application. This is a classic book that has instructed and inspired millions of people.

The author recounts a humble 17 th- century monk who reveals the secrets of a daily, moment by moment, relationship with God. Lawrence spent most of his monastic life in the monastery kitchen and shows how it is possible to discern God in everyday situations, even among the pots and pans.

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This edition has been translated from the original French into very readable English. The book is replete with realism, friendliness and simplicity. This book presents 10 of the most widely recognized Catholic spiritual traditions. It spans from Augustine spirituality to Mystical spirituality, including Benedictine spirituality. Each chapter includes a brief history of the tradition's founder and it highlights the major characteristics of each tradition. The chapters also include a spiritual prayer representative of that tradition. An excellent resource for the Benedictine oblate who seeks to understand other traditions and recognizes both similarities and subtle differences.

Mary Margaret has written about her experience of seeking God through the ancient tradition recommended by St. She points out that St.

The Sayings of Desert Fathers and Mothers

In her book, Sr. He guides readers to create more stillness and solitude in their lives and to do so right where they are. Gregory urges us to realize that we are always in God's presence and to be more conscious of this. He writes, "The contemplative life and unceasing prayer is about being exactly where you are and aware of the presence of God and quickly and joyfully responsive to God's urgings. The author makes a compelling case for the relevance of Christian liturgy in our individualistic, secular world.

He presents examples and personal experiences and, by doing so, explains the countercultural appeal of liturgical worship that is the format of ecumenical orientation. Galli also cuts across the entire denominational spectrum. This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in changing to different liturgical traditions. This popular and well-known author offers the most comprehensive book written to date on the Jesus Prayer. She presents the history, theology and spirituality of orthodoxy in order that the Jesus Prayer can be understood in the native context, and makes provision for practical steps in making it an integral part of our prayer life.

This book is about encounters with God in ordinary daily experiences by ordinary people. The questions of who is God and how to know Him are often asked. The authors encompass a wide diversity of subjects and, by doing so, make us aware of the many ways we can learn about God through ordinary situations in our lives.

God's image is revealed through the authors' compelling stories about family, conversion, kindness and forgiveness that emanate from their own experiences. Stories are also taken from Scripture, literature and the lives of ordinary people. The author, a Benedictine nun, knows a great deal about silence and solitude. For 20 years, she lived as a hermit. She has also lived in the secular world and is alert to the world around her. Her Benedictine wisdom is fundamental human wisdom. Her book is the outcome of her many decades of spiritual practice and journey.

She demonstrates how monasticism is not placed on a pedestal or behind walls, but is in the middle of a noisy, crowed and complicated word. Her premise is that monasticism is not to forsake the world, but it is for the sake of the world. In today's world, it is increasingly difficult to approach anyone who appears to be different and to be hospitable to that individual. Monasticism teaches us to accept differences and to see Jesus Christ in everyone we meet. In monasticism, everyone gets the same Jesus.

There is no trendy Jesus. The monks practice a religion based on the life of Jesus. This book attempts to open a door to a more hospitable way of life. In this book, Fr. Holz invites the reader to walk with him through five periods of pain and difficulty that happened in his life.

The first was when his world fell apart when the school he taught in for many years was closing. Benedict Prep was an intimate part of his world. Then came the death of his beloved brother Bob, Fr. Albert's knee surgery, his own cancer and the diminishing numbers of monks in his monastery. In a series of 24 meditations, Fr.

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Albert shows how the insights of the New Testament can be a citadel of practical help and spiritual help for those of us undergoing troubled times. These insights include compassion, courage and trust that appear in the New Testament. This is an excellent book, as we all face troubled times at some juncture of our lives. Albert shows us how we can cope with those times. In today's world, strangers often invoke a feeling of fear, suspicion and sometimes hostility. Anyone who appears to be different is viewed suspiciously, especially after a tragedy has occurred.

Our basic instinct is to withdraw, lock the door and make ready to protect our loved ones. A remedy for this suspicion and distrust lies within the heart of Benedictine spirituality. Hospitality is the key for this kind of defensive behavior. True Benedictine spirituality requires that we welcome strangers, not only into our domestic sanctuaries, but also into our hearts. The authors have drawn from monastic tradition and personal experiences.

They urge us to embrace the strangers from without, but also the stranger within us. Posthumously published, this book represents a gift to anyone who reads it. It is a collection of Cardinal Hume's reflections of the passion and death of Our Lord. Through his reflections, we are brought more deeply into the mysteries of our salvation and can glimpse the grace that was always in his mind and heart. Cardinal Hume shares his own questioning, his searching, and his anguish.

These reflections are drawn from his homilies and speeches over 20 years. He looks at such questions as why do tragedies happen, why do the innocent have to suffer, why do many of us experience pain and desolation during our lives?

Desert Wisdom

Cardinal Hume joins us as a fellow pilgrim on our journey to grow closer to God. He meditates on the deep mysteries and uncertainties of our journey. He encourages us to enter into Jesus Christ's brutal and barbaric death on the cross and see if we can ascertain some meaning. The author points out that anyone who has visited a great cathedral has been impressed and duly awed by the massive stone foundations that support the main central tower. The four pillars of the church give strong support to the soaring church edifice.

Kardong uses this analogy to write about the four ancient rules that stand in support of Western monasticism, giving a structure that future spiritual architects, St. Benedict being one of them, would build upon. In a creative and engaging way, he shows how the lives and social settings of these early founders shaped their unique style of monasticism. For example, St. This book is great for appreciating ancient texts in comparison with modern times, which we can recognize even today.

Benedict as a celebrity and depicts him as a hero. Gregory places Benedict primarily in the role of hero and as a miracle worker. Kardong takes a new look at Pope Gregory's classic book. The author injects his sense of humor into his commentaries and, by doing so, moves the reader into an enlightened spiritual life. Another benefit is that Kardong's practical and sensible writing propels the readers into loving St. Benedict and wanting to learn more about him. This book is an attractive compendium that brings together three of Fr. Together, they explore both the theory and practice of centering prayer, along with its use in the total liturgical life of the Church.

This book is written as an answer guide to questions raised over the years about the origins of Christmas. The author, a professor of religious studies, answers these questions and more in a precise and cogent way. The contents of this book were compiled from the letters and other sources of Br. Lawrence's signature work is characterized by its emphasis on simple, everyday occurrences.

He calls us to celebrate how prayer and piety in the most ordinary of circumstances can help to cultivate a lasting sense of intimacy with God. Lawrence found the presence God even in the monastery kitchen. How does a family find time to live and pray the gospel of Jesus Christ in the home? Beset with busy work lives, extracurricular activities and other time demands, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find time to pray together as a family.

This book will help to shape the lives of mothers, fathers and church personnel so that time management will allow for time to pray together. For too long, families have been removed from the practice of daily prayer and, especially, family prayer. Benedict's Abbey in Atchison, Kansas. The author shares the insights of St. The author declares that he has no financial or personal relationships which may have inappropriately influenced him in writing this article. Acta Thomae, [repr. Bonnet eds. Hildesheim, Olms. Bonnet, eds. Acta Thomae, , '7', in A.

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Murray , n. With reference to Murray , Chorbishop Seely Joseph Beggiani , reduces this to one. Outler [paperback ed. More on Wesley's study of Makarios and the translation of his works in Benz , n. Quispel See e. It is interesting to read on e. Murray , and , among others. Murray e. As a matter of fact, he more often speaks of 'Children of God'.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Article.

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