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The lad wishes for a pet or a friend to keep him company but try as he might, his own wish is unfulfilled Then one night this wish wafts his way I wish I could fly and immediately our lad is up and doing, sprinkling, stirring and filling a bottle of potion, before sailing off to deliver same to the waiting wisher.

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This particular recipient however, is rather different. Yes, she's absolutely over the moon at being able to take her maiden flight, but it's what she does next Her kind words take a little while for their own particular brand of magic to do its work Amy Sparkes' brilliant to read aloud rhyming verses mixed with Sara Ogilvie's sparklingly gorgeous, richly and humorously detailed, glowing illustrations make for a magic mix all of their own: sheer delight from cover to cover.

If you've ever forgotten to thank, or overlooked saying, thank you to anybody, I urge you to get hold of a copy of this one and send it to them forthwith; actually buy a copy no matter what; you'll surely find someone or many, to share its enchantments. Deep in the heart of the Forest of Dreams the wishgiver boy works hard spreading joy.

Wishes float in on the breeze and he sets about stirring up the mysterious ingredients needed to make dreams come true, before delivering the spells in person. Although happy to be able to grant others' wishes, the thoughtful and kind boy is lonely. Some intangible ingredient seems to be missing and until he's found it, his magic can't work on himself.

Generosity, patience and gratitude finally bring magic words to light ensuring a reassuring, upbeat ending that will no doubt lead to many a conversation about hopes and happiness and what we all can do to help each other with our own dreams and delight. Sparkes' sparkling story flows with a sunny rhythm and bounce, making it a real pleasure to read aloud. It's wonderful to see a magical, creative and successful boy making it his business to leave the world a better place. Ogilvie's illustrations perfectly balance charm and quirkiness, drawing out the warmth of the story without ever becoming saccharine.

I'm pleased to see that the wishgiver's new friend has dark skin; this is a rare book which manages to bring much needed gender and race diversity gently and so naturally into storytime, whilst also delivering a subtle message about the power of thankfulness. Toon meer Toon minder. Reviews Schrijf een review. Memama Rotterdam 30 maart Ik raad dit product aan. When she was two Clarissa was enrolled in a playgroup.


The playgroup leader was amazed when Clarissa picked up a plastic trumpet on her first day and played the national anthem on it. Lovely card from a Trevor Forest reader. Lovely card from a Trevor Forest fan. Thanks, Kimbo.

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The warden pressed a button on the scanner and a photograph of Molly appeared from a slot on the side. It showed a laughing Molly, leaning forward on her broom Underneath was printed the time, date and the speed she had been doing. The warden took a book from her pocket, licked the stump of a pencil and began to write out a speeding ticket.

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The Wishnotist. For children, and all adults. Trevor Forest webpage is now live. Molly to the rescue as Henrietta Havelots finds out she can't fly. Artwork by Marie Okines Fullerton. I might apply to be yours if I like you enough. I saw a video of her before we left base. Arella fluttered her huge wings and sat down on Abigail's bean bag.

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As if to answer the question, Ben hammered on Abigail's door. He had caught the flu first and was more or less better now. Abigail put on her best, 'poorly,' voice. Abigail remained silent until she heard Ben's footsteps retreat back to his room, then she got out. This action might not be possible to undo.

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Summary Abigail Pink is lying in bed with the flu when a Guardian Angel, meant for someone else, crash lands on her bedroom carpet. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

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ANGEL Chapter One Abigail Pink had been ill in bed for four days during which time she'd had some very strange dreams, so she wasn't the slightest bit surprised when an angel flew through her open window and crash landed on the carpet. The angel sat on her bedside cabinet studying her. It's after nine. I might be able to help with that.