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In our analysis of the SDSS spectrum, taken very close in time to the photometric peak of the light curve see Fig. This baseline constant spectrum is shown as a dashed red line in the middle panels of Fig. The middle panel shows the observed, calibrated SDSS spectrum, together with the best-fitting host galaxy model continuum plus narrow emission lines red dashed line.

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The bottom panel shows the difference spectrum — , where the rapidly time-varying emission components emerge. The middle panel shows the observed, calibrated SDSS spectrum, together with the best-fitting model host galaxy continuum plus narrow emission lines red dashed line. The bottom panel finally shows the difference spectrum — , where the rapidly time-varying emission components emerge.

All these estimates come with both statistical and systematic uncertainties of about 0.

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Given the implied size of the BLR, and the observed X-ray spectra both XMM—Newton and Chandra can be fitted with unabsorbed power laws , they conclude that an obscuration event, in the form of a large-scale cloud passing in front of the central source and of the BLR, is not consistent with the time-scale of the observed fast flare, nor with the spectral slope of the Chandra spectrum. It appears, then, that the intrinsic emission of the AGN is fading rapidly, possibly due to a decrease of the accretion rate on to the central BH.

Larger discs, needed if the observed optical light is produced from viscous dissipation within the disc itself, would evolve on even longer time-scales. It appears, then, that a physical process is required that can give rise to rapid enhancement of the accretion rate, a process that delivers large quantities of matter very close to the central BH, where viscous or thermal times are the shortest. In the following, we describe why we believe that a TDE is a much more natural interpretation for this peculiar transient event. We first analyse in more detail the evolution of the flare, as traced by the Stripe light curve.

This leaves us with 50 high-quality epochs of photometry. The top panel of Fig. Panel a : the time evolution of the nuclear luminosity is shown with the coloured circles where each colour identifies one epoch of the SDSS Stripe observations. In all panels, the black solid line connecting the points is drawn to guide the eye. As a reference, the plot shows also the constant baseline host galaxy SED in the five optical bands black empty stars, as in Fig. As a simple phenomenological test of the above scenario, we have also fitted the same spectral evolution data shown in Fig.

Panel c of Fig. We discuss in the following section the constraints on the TDE model parameters we can obtain by modelling these data. For each of the first 16 epochs of the cleaned Stripe light curve, spanning the first five rest-frame years, shown in Fig. The colour code is identical to that of Fig. As in Fig. The left-hand panel of Fig. Just as a reference point for discussion, we mark with a black star in Fig. The black dashed lines show the contours of equal peak time, in rest-frame years.

Right: the relation between the critical black hole mass M BH, crit x -axis , above which stars are swallowed whole and no tidal disruption flare can be observed and the star's mass y -axis is shown as a black solid line for the case of non-spinning black holes leftmost line and maximally spinning black holes rightmost line. The right-hand panel of Fig. To conclude this section, we note that a prominent re-brightening flare was observed about four rest-frame years after the peak.

This subflare is characterized by a relatively constant continuum slope and photospheric temperature, and has a fluence of about 5. It is just due to a fortuitous coincidence that the first SDSS spectrum, showing the prominent broad emission lines that led to type-1 AGN classification, was taken very close in time to the flare peak, and we suspect this crucial detail had been overlooked. The analysis presented in the previous section, however, suggests that the observed light-curve evolution, and, in particular, the overall energetics of the event are consistent with the amount of accreted mass being a substantial fraction of a massive main-sequence star.

The X-ray spectrum observed by XMM—Newton close to the peak of the light curve is consistent with a power law of index 2. In general, too little is currently known about the spectral formation mechanisms in TDE, across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, to be able to reject the TDE interpretation on the basis of the X-ray spectral shape only.

Moreover, we note that, in general, optically selected TDE tend to have low photospheric temperatures and be X-ray faint, while X-ray-selected TDE tended to be hot when thermal and optically faint see e. There are, moreover, other pieces of evidence that are not straightforward to interpret within the simplest TDE scenario we have described so far. In particular, the properties of the emission lines observed in the spectra are not easily explained by a TDE model, as we discuss in the following subsections.

In fact, two possible alternative sites of broad emission-line production have been invoked for TDE. According to this scenario, high-ionization lines should appear first, followed by lower ionization lines later on during the outburst. They, however, predicted both emission and absorption lines, and significant bulk blueshift of the lines, contrary to what is typically observed. For the particle densities inferred for the BLR emitter, recombination is very fast, so the lines respond effectively instantaneously to flux variations from the central source.

Thus, the rapid luminous flare we observed between and , must have illuminated a pre-existing structure, whose spatial distribution and kinematics closely resemble those of BLR of actively growing SMBH. The likelihood of the observed configuration, with the broad emission lines appearing transiently in response to a rapid nuclear TDE, depends on the lifetime of the BLR structure in objects where the central black has ceased accreting at substantial rates.

This must depend, in turn, on the dynamical status of the BLR itself is it outflowing, inflowing, circulating? A detailed analysis of these issues is beyond the scope of this paper. The narrow emission-line diagnostics see Fig. As we discussed in the introduction, there is substantial uncertainty in the true rate of tidal stellar disruption in galactic nuclei, with current observationally determined rates lying factors of a few to 10 below the theoretical expectations.

Here, for illustration purposes, we adopt a generic i.

The grey band represents a 1 order-of-magnitude uncertainty in the TDE rates. In each plot the thin blue solid line shows the ratio of the black to red solid lines, i. In the case of gaseous accretion, most attempts to reproduce the AGN luminosity function have implied peak luminosities of the order of the Eddington luminosity. In fact, it is unlikely that a single mechanism could provide a complete description of gaseous AGN triggering. The exact behaviour of the TDE fraction at such high luminosities, however, critically depends on the SMBH spin distribution, as rapidly spinning BHs can tidally disrupt stars even if they are very massive see the right-hand panel of Fig.

As a term of reference, we also show in Fig. Further clues on the nature of elusive AGN, and on the true fraction of TDEs among them could come from a detailed study of the IR emission from those sources, which could reveal either the presence of a deeply obscured AGN or the transient echo of the TDE emission. We have used late-time photometric and spectroscopic observations of the source to build a host galaxy model, that we used to carefully analyse the nuclear host-subtracted light curve of the flare in all five SDSS bands.

Perhaps due to the serendipitous nature of its discovery, it is also one of the few cases in which both optical and X-ray emission contribute substantially to the bolometric luminosity of the event, suggesting that accretion on to BHs from tidally disrupted stellar debris can also give rise to powerful Comptonizing coronae.

In most previous cases, optically selected TDE had low photospheric temperatures and were X-ray faint, while X-ray-selected TDE tended to be hot and optically faint see e. If the continuum evolution and the overall energetics of the event strongly suggest a TDE interpretation, the emission-line spectra tell a more complicated story. The BLR, which responded almost instantaneously to the strong illumination from the central flaring source in , is too extended about 30 light days and massive more than hundred solar masses to have been created by the debris of a disrupted star, and must have been left, in the dark, from previous episodes of more prolonged accretion on to the central BH.

Also, the narrow emission lines, which we see unchanged between and , possibly indicate that the central BH was active as little as 10 4 yr ago, although it is not straightforward to estimate exactly at which level, as the narrow emission lines could be also partly excited by the powerful star formation observed in this galaxy.

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Such a complex interplay must not be too exceptional, also given the fact that this TDE was discovered in a relatively small parent sample. We are, indeed, used to think of AGN as being either type-1 un-obscured or type-2 obscured , based on the properties of their optical emission lines. This is particularly important for TDEs, of course, which have flare durations of a few years, at most, but could be relevant for other forms of BH fuelling, too.

A few lessons can be learned from this work: probably the most compelling is that an accurate observational determination of TDE rates requires searches that do not a priori exclude objects previously classified as AGN, and needs to fully account for the exact time when such classification was first made.

Also, we showed that TDE confirmation is far from straightforward, and requires well-sampled optical light curves, and would be aided by repeated, early spectroscopic observations, too. In addition, deep and wide X-ray observation with the right cadence have the advantage that the TDE-produced light becomes confused with the host galaxy stellar background at much later stages at these energies, thus allowing flares to be identified with less well-sampled light curves and on longer time-scales.

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Who Killed Sears? Fifty Years on the Road to Ruin

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