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The Vestibule Of Eloquence Original Articles, pdf This adds to the overall feeling of cloak-and-dagger political intrigue that is the hallmark of Tapani. There's more than enough material in this book to provide the game master with plenty of adventure material.

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Scattered throughout the book are numerous adventure seeds to give even more ideas to the game master. Thus, new game masters will hardly be left without ideas for a rather long-lasting campaign in Tapani Sector. There are far too many elements of the setting to comment upon them all here. However, a few of the highlights will be serve to show the depth of this setting. There's a discussion of saber dueling and the code of honor that goes with it. Each house is described in depth, along with various "skeletons" in their closets. There are likewise descriptions of other players in the sector: the non-noble Freeworlds suspected of Rebel sympathies —— the commoners!

The wealth of information available is quite impressive. Most of it is handled quite well and is genuinely interesting to read. I found myself coming up with all sorts of adventure ideas simply by scanning through sections that intrigued me. I'm sure that the same would be true for others as well.


Campaign Guide This 72 page book puts theory into practice. It includes lots of advice to game masters and players on playing in this new sector as well as descriptions of groups and locales. If, for some reason, the game master still didn't know what to do with Tapani Sector, this book provides him with even more concrete examples.

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It's a good book and contains very little dross. Almost all of the information in it is quite usable by a Lords of the Expanse game master. In addition, there is a lengthy campaign outline included as well.

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The outline begins with one fully-fleshed out adventure and includes several more outlines for continuiung the story begun in the first one. It's even a decent adventure, one that brings to the forefront some of the great differences between Tapani and the rest of the Star Wars universe. Additional Components The adventure cards are serviceable enough. They have capsule stats and information about several important NPCs and ships in the sector.

The character templates are likewise usable, but they don't contain anything truly exciting. I recommend the Player's Guide to Tapani for a wider and more intersting collection of templates. The sector map is not beautiful to behold and is rather schematized. However, I can't see any reason why it would be otherwise, since its sole use is to determine hyperspace jump routes throughout the sector. The dice are an unnecessary addition, but you can never have too many when running a Star Wars campaign.

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Lords of the Expanse is really a wonderful setting and one of the best Star Wars supplements available in a long time. Its price is, of course, higher than many other supplements, but that is to be expected. Besides, the amount of material included in it is more than worth the cost. In addition, I can't imagine how a game master won't be able to get many months of adventures out of the boxed set alone.

Lords of the Expanse is certainly worth the price of admission and I recommend it highly to Star Wars gamers who have become jaded by one too many battles against the might of the evil Galactic Empire. Tapani is a great way to breathe new life into a moribund campaign. For others, I recommend it as a good example of how even a supposedly staid and stable setting like the Star Wars universe can be twisted and reshaped in unique and fascinating ways.

Lords of the Expanse is a definitely winning supplement. Style: 4 Classy and well done Substance: 5 Excellent!