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I don't think it matters. The buildings are supposed to be timeless old. The moment in time may suggest the narrow experiences in the book, but why not look beyond a mere story plot. I guess the latest developments are interesting to behold. What's missing is what I regard as Disney style filler that keeps people in the park. Meet and greets, walkabout characters, shows, nighttime spectaculars.

TPI just keeps getting bigger and better. I was blown away by this column by Marc! It got me so bumped to hear more about this expansion. Along with all of Robert Niles' excellent reports and the terrific columns by Amanda Jenkins whom I hope writes a new one soon!

I LOVE his stuff!

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One thing to consider is that Universal didn't announce the original opening date until March and that project had three years in the making. Given the accelerated schedule for Diagon Alley, getting an opening date tomorrow might be a bit of a stretch.

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We'll probably just hear an expected time frame. PS: I'd love to be there for when they officially open the land. It'd be a great day to get on the other rides. While it seems like Gringotts itself will be set during Deathly Hallows, I can't ever imagine Universal opting to feature Diagon Alley to be the desolate wasteland it appeared during that time. I'm willing to bet that they'll just feature it the way it appeared in Sorceror's Stone and Chamber of Secrets while adding in places like Weasley's.

I'll try to crank up that rate to every six months, though. I actually couldn't agree more with you. The "moment in time" concept was so they could combine settings without violating canon. And the dragon challenge is intended to be a tribute to the Triwizard champions, not the championship itself. Confusing, I know Curse you, Seth, and your impeccable logic! This article has been archived and is no longer accepting comments.

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Theme Park Insider - January Marc Kleinhenz. Concept art courtesy Universal. J Baksy. Anon Mouse.

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