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Madonna almost faced trial when her nextdoor neighbour filed a lawsuit in complaining about "pounding noise and vibration" that had "interfered with the entertainment of guests". Even though Madge tried to soundproof her flat, the neighbour was apparently subjected to "blaring music, stomping and shaking walls" for up to three hours a day. The case was settled in Bob Marley's wife Rita filed a lawsuit against the singer's half-brother Richard Brooker in , claiming he was using the reggae icon's name to sell fish cakes and energy drinks.

Brooker counter-sued, saying he'd been given permission to use the name, before the disagreement was eventually settled. The suit claimed Sabbath's popularity significantly decreased when Ozzy left the band, and that his "signature lead vocals" were key to the band's success. Van Halen sued Nike in for using the iconic red, white and black striped colour scheme of his 'Frankenstrat' guitar on its 'Dunk' trainers.

1. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

He demanded both monetary compensation and "the impoundment and destruction of all footwear". Nike refuted claims it had breached copyright, saying their design wasn't "substantially similar" to Van Halen's. He then won a landmark legal case in which allowed him to reclaim royalties from the track 'YMCA' and other Village People hits he helped write. In a group of Creed fans sued the band, claiming their performance in Illinois was so bad it cheated them out of a real gig. When Frank Sinatra's estate sued hot dog business 'Franks Anatra', they hit back with baffling explanations for their name.

First, they claimed 'Franks' referred to "frankfurters" and Anatra was Italian for "duck" or "drake". Then, that the name was inspired by fictional country the 'People's Republic Of Anatra'. Suffice to say - 'Franks Anatra' lost. It accused them "trademark infringement, misrepresentation [and] false designation" He and other bandmate Scott Reeder alleged they'd tried to "steal the name" of the band. Jennifer claimed Gaga owed her payment for 7, hours of overtime and said the singer expected her to be at her service at "stadiums, private jets, fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses" from the "earliest waking hour".

When Will. Not only that, but he also said he was "disappointed that Will, a fellow artist, would file a case" and surely disappointment is the worst punishment of all? Ever the diplomat, MIA tried diffuse the situation by posting a video of herself online thrusting her middle finger up again. Home Photos. With Les Claypool's idiosyncratic vocal twang out front and his virtuosic bass playing way up in the mix, this three-piece sang about horny alley cats, the joys of fishing, and big brown beavers.

Primus were signed by the forward-thinking label Interscope and released their major label debut and arguably best album Sailing The Seas Of Cheese four months before Nevermind. It failed to reach the Billboard top in the US. Fast forward two years and their sound got even murkier on Pork Soda - which was a Top 10 record in America and their first album to chart in Australia, long before they gained wider recognition as the writers of South Park 's theme tune.

When it was finally released and got snapped up by LA radio, major label Geffen came knocking. His major label debut Mellow Gold was a kaleidoscopically bizarre mix of wonky lo-fi anti-folk, absurdist rapping over lazy hip-hop beats, and an extreme range of samples and sounds. It was hardly the kind of record you'd expect from a major label, let alone a Top 20 album boasting a Top 10 single, but it set the stage for his subsequent career of genre-hopping inventiveness.

The resulting courting by mainstream radio and TV in Australia resulted in some great highlights of Aussie music media, as increasingly baffled presenters and journos attempted to interview the anonymous members or host their anarchic live performances. Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda took their obsession with food, mixed it with some diverse samples and strange noises, and cooked up Cibo Matto.

Part-trip-hop, part-ambient, a block party freakout with semi-punk attitude, their debut self-titled EP made them the toast of Lower Manhattan's indie scene, which is where they had settled following the break-up of their noise rock group Leitoh Lychee. On their major label debut Viva! La Woman , the duo went all out with their foodie fascination and love of disparate sounds, merging jazzy samples, guitar snippets, spoken word, and rap breaks to dish up something deliciously different.

But it would take until and Melbourne trio Techniques before hip-hop crossed over to the mainstream. What We Said Then: "The unit of saxophones, flute, brass, drums, gongs, banjo, xylophones, electric guitar, bass, siren, harmonica, zither, clarinet and oboe takes an hour or two to assemble.

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Often the group appears smeared with war paint, stripped to the waist. The players move from instrument to instrument, beginning a phrase on the trumpet, continuing it on bass drum, ending it with a hoarse scream. Ackles, a former child actor, came from a vaudeville family. For a time, he was a staff writer at Elektra Records, but when none of the label's artists wanted to record his theatrical songs, he did it himself.

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Highlight: the minute "Montana Song. What We Said Then: "Ackles is an important artist whose work eludes categorization.

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The musical materials of the album are brilliantly eclectic and ordered with such formal precision as to warrant concert hall production of the song cycle just as it is on record. Chief among the many influences on Ackles' music are Kurt Weill and Aaron Copland, who for Ackles respectively represent brazen actuality and mythic search. Melcher, the son of Doris Day and the producer of multiple Byrds records, was also famous for almost having recorded Charles Manson and moving out of the house where Sharon Tate was murdered.

On this album, he sang like an animal with its leg caught in a trap. He even dueted with his mother on Jackson Browne's "These Days," sounding utterly defeated.

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What We Said Then: "Melcher. This unlikely collaboration between the Velvet Underground's violist and the minimalist composer most famous for writing In C didn't sound much like either of them: the album was largely stretched-out organ-heavy improvisations, a freak-out in slow motion. We lamented that the world had been ignoring "one of the finest records to be released this year. What We Said Then: "'The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace at Versailles' is a perfect title for a piece of music whose piano introduction is an introduction to the reflected wonders of all that the past, present and future has to offer.

Riley's saxophone is mirrored in and out of infinite halls that only the gods have dared enter, an icy environment fit for contemplation of the cosmos. This is music to carry the mind and heart of the listener away.

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This Harvard graduate fused classical music and rock, attempting to transcend both, and blowing us away in ambition and achievement. We said that Mick Jagger "sounds mannered and jaded after Pratt" and that Pratt "has forever changed the face of rock.