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Workers in the occupations shown in table 2 might do tasks such as balancing business accounts and helping people make investment decisions. Because of their expertise, many of these workers earn wages that are higher than those for all workers. At higher percentiles, their wages may be double or even triple that amount.

Personal financial advisors had one of the lowest 10th percentile wages of these occupations, but their median and 90th percentile wages were the highest of the occupations in table 2. They and financial analysts worked, on average, the most hours on the job 43 hours a week of the occupations shown in the table.

Accountants and auditors held more than 1.

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Many of these jobs were in accounting firms. Accountants and auditors work in every state, but they were most concentrated in the District of Columbia, Colorado, and Delaware. And this occupation is projected to have nearly half a million job openings between and Managers oversee an array of business-related activities.

Table 3 shows selected management occupations with high pay. Managers had some of the highest wages of the occupations in this article.

IT Professionals Job Market Outlook - Information Technology Career Demand

These workers often get perks, such as profit-sharing payments and stock bonuses, in addition to their wages. But high pay could also mean many hours: All of the occupations in table 3 had average weekly hours that were higher than the average for all workers. Marketing and sales managers held more than a half million jobs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey had some of the highest concentrations of marketing managers. BLS projects about , job openings between and for marketing and sales managers, the most out of the occupations shown in table 3. For many businesses, sales are at the core of profitability.

Certain types of sales workers, but not all, have high pay. Selected high-paying sales occupations are shown in table 4. With some sales careers, workers are paid on commission. These payments reward workers who sell a lot with higher earnings. This occupation also had the highest median wage, and the highest average hours worked per week, of the occupations in table 4. High-paying sales jobs also might require long hours. The only occupation in table 4 with average hours less than those for all workers was insurance sales agents.

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives had the most jobs of any occupation in this article, more than 1. Total job openings for wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives are expected to be numerous, with almost a half million openings projected over the —24 decade. Sales representatives who sell scientific and technical products had higher pay in than those who sell other types of products, but they also had fewer jobs.

Jobs for scientific and technical products sales representatives were concentrated in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Ohio; those for workers who sell other types of products had high concentrations of jobs in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia. Almost every occupation in the table, however, had a median wage that was at least twice that for all occupations.

Employment for the occupations shown in table 5 was relatively small, with several of them having 30, or fewer jobs. The largest of these occupations in was public relations specialist about , jobs. The highest concentrations of jobs for workers in this occupation were in the District of Columbia, New York, and Vermont.

Plan for the future with the new B.C. Labour Market Outlook

Operations research analysts had about 91, jobs in However, this occupation is projected to have the most job openings of those in the table: about 43, between and Nearly as many job openings are projected for public relations specialists 43, Entry requirements for business occupations vary, but people in these careers often need good interpersonal, written and oral communication, and analytical skills. Traits that are important in many occupations, such as humility and patience, may also be valuable in business. And being hardworking and eager to help are good ways to prove yourself.

In addition, aspiring business workers may need to meet the education, experience, or training requirements of these occupations to be hired for entry-level jobs.

Tubelite locations

Business has been one of the most popular college majors for years, with rates of growth for degrees awarded in this field outpacing those for degrees awarded overall. See chart 1. By comparison, the number of bachelor's degrees doubled overall and master's degrees tripled overall during the same period. Note: Data are for postsecondary institutions participating in Title IV federal financial aid programs. Includes degrees in business, management, marketing, and related support services and in personal and culinary services. Some data have been revised from previously published figures.

A few exceptions include real estate brokers ; insurance sales agents ; and claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators. In those occupations, you may qualify for entry-level jobs with a high school diploma. Choosing a major. And advertising managers may have an easier time finding a job if their degree is in advertising or journalism.

In fact, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers , business majors were projected to be the most sought-after graduates for the Class of Broadening your education. You may not need a degree in business to have a business career. Some employers value the broad perspectives that people with other types of academic backgrounds bring.

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  • For example, American Community Survey data show that more than half of management, business, and financial operations workers majored in a subject other than business, such as social sciences or communications. Diversifying your education also may boost your pay. For example, occupations in which workers have knowledge of computer science and engineering often command some of the highest wages of those shown in the tables. Getting this credential might improve your job prospects or help you to qualify for higher paying jobs.

    Work experience is helpful or even required for getting an entry-level business job, depending on the occupation. But when you start your career, understand that you may have to work several years to gain the experience you need for the job you want. Student opportunities. Students interested in a business career can begin preparing as early as high school.

    For example, you can demonstrate leadership skills by getting involved in student government. We recommend only applying to positions you are likely to accept if you receive an offer.

    Tubelite locations

    The more jobs you apply for, the better your chances. Anything you can do to increase your job applications will play to your benefit. Consider jobs outside the discipline in which you were trained that may value your work. Ask around and try to find fields where your credentials may make you competitive and even give you an edge.

    If possible, also consider jobs in a variety of locations. By definition, most Ph. These schools are full of scientists who are doing great work and training the next generation of scholars. These positions also offer a better fit for many people. Do your research to see if you might find fulfillment on this career path.

    Business careers with high pay

    Applying over multiple job cycles can also be helpful. In many cases, you may even be able to negotiate a deferral to finish up work at your current institution. Overall, aim for places where you can be successful, feel fulfilled, and get your work done. Then, if you are happy and productive, you can stay for the long term. Many people find the market easier to navigate once they already have a job because they can be more selective, and the experience may make them even more appealing candidates for the most competitive jobs.

    Indeed, when we look down the hallway, roughly half our colleagues came from a prior job before joining our departments. Navigating the job market is a stressful time for many people due to the high stakes, uncertainty, and fierce competition for the limited number of open positions.

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    The academic job market can be brutal, but your best weapon in this fight is to minimize the noise and maximize the signal. Send your thoughts, questions, and suggestions for future column topics to letterstoyoungscientists aaas. Read more from Letters to Young Scientists. By Elisabeth Pain Sep. By Beryl Lieff Benderly Sep. All rights Reserved. Maximize the signal To increase your chances, it helps to understand your audience.

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    Last month's Letter to Young Scientists The team-written Letters to Young Scientists column offers training and career advice from within academia. Struggling with your academic writing?

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    Try these experiments to get the words flowing. Read more Letters to Young Scientists. Follow Science Careers. Search Jobs Enter keywords, locations or job types to start searching for your new science career. Search Search. How to keep a lab notebook By Elisabeth Pain Sep.